Taking Nordic “black and white” to the top spot 

Claus Langdahl is our Breeding Manager for VikingHolstein. He grew up on his family farm in Denmark where his parents had around 40 Holstein cows, and now he is leading the team that are taking VikingHolstein forward to a top position in the world.
Since a child, Claus Langdahl was very engaged in the multiple activities of the dairy farm of his family.  He could help a lot in farming after coming from school and during summer vacations. “I enjoyed being there and tried spend as much time as possible with the cows”, he reminds.  
His curiosity and passion for breeding made him establish a special friendship with an enthusiastic breeding advisor that came to the farm. Claus recognize now, that this person planted the seed that later on, became a deep passion for breeding. “He used to come to us and explained already by that time, how it was possible to “design” the type of herd that you wished by selecting the right sires.
With one brother and one sister that were also involved in the farm, Claus had to decide if he wanted to continue working in the family farm or shift to another career. At some point, he decided to continue working with breeding but from a higher theoretical level. “It was a dream job position to be the guy coming to the herd”, he laughs. 
After finishing his studies in 2001, he became a breeding advisor in Denmark. Claus says it was a “very valuable work and a huge opportunity to learn from farmers”. He was a part of Dansire that later transformed into VikingDenmark – one of VikingGenetics cooperative owners. “I was a young guy coming to a farm trying to convince them, but quit often it was the farmer teaching me – that was a good time!” he recognizes.
He started in the Holstein selection team in 2003 and became the VikingHolstein breeding manager in 2010. Along with a professional team in the breeding department at VikingGenetics and a vast experience, Claus adds a special passion to further improve the unique Nordic health profile for VikingHolstein. 

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