Jan Rossouw Tells His Story of Brave Decisions to Succeed in South Africa 

“Many years ago, my father in law, Dudley Meyer, who was a well- known breeder in South Africa, started Maluti Jerseys. In 1985, Dudley gave his blessing for me to marry his daughter Elna, from then on, I had the privilege of being exposed to this well-known Jersey herd.

Sometime later due to veld fires and a shortage of grazing, I purchased the adjoining farm to my father in law. During 2007, Dudley became terminally ill and therefore he decided to put the farm and the Jersey herd for sale. 
In February 2008, my wife and I purchased the farm and herd as a going concern, and I became the proud owner of this famous herd. Sadly, we lost Dudley in June 2008. All of a sudden, here we were with a huge challenge on our hands! With my limited knowledge on farming, I had to continue the breeding program.

Dudley used mainly American and Canadian genetics. “How do we improve the herd? Or rather, how do I not let the herd disintegrate?” were just some of my main concerns.
Later on, I was introduced to a new friend Chris Cloete from Genimex – VikingGenetics’ distributor in South Africa – and in 2009, I purchased the first straws of the bull Q Impuls, known for its high protein production and his general health.

During May of 2009, myself and eleven other farmers from South Africa along with Genimex visited Viking farmers in Denmark. VikingGenetics hosted us with a good tour where we saw daughters of the current bulls. -The penny dropped! Now I will only use Danish bulls, I thought.
Back at home, we used just two bulls: Q Impuls and DJ May. Later DJ Zuma replaced Q Impuls. In 2011, Elna and I again joined a Genimex tour to Denmark and afterwards, more bulls were added to the list!

Today we are on the Genimex program, to avoid inbreeding, and with the help of genomics, we select our bulls. We have now a predominately-Danish herd!

Our cows produce good milk with good solids. However, what we are excited about is that our cows continue to produce good milk even late in their lactations. Our pride is our first lactation daughters. They are the proof that we are moving in the right direction. The cows provide you with cheese on your pizza and food on our table!

When I close my eyes, I imagine I see father Dudley. I swear I can almost see him nodding his head!”

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