Board Of Directors

VikingGenetics board of directors have been elected to represent the interest of more than 20,000 dairy and beef farmers in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Two delegates from dairy and beef farmers from Sweden, two from Finland and four from Denmark integrate VikingGenetics Board of Directors.

The Chairman of the Board is Lars-Inge Gunnarsson who together with the rest of the delegates and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rex A. Clausager leads the vision, mission and strategy of VikingGenetics.
The Board of Directors strive for better conditions for the members of the three cooperatives that integrate VikingGenetics: Växa in Sweden, Faba in Finland and VikingDenmark in Denmark. They also aim for wellbeing for the employees at VikingGenetics in the home markets and abroad, where VikingGenetics has subsidiaries in Australia and United Kingdom.
VikingGenetics Board
Anders Levring - Hagenbjerggaard, Denmark - 450 VikingJersey
Board member
Andreas Johansson - Heisala, Finland - 65 VikingRed, VikingHolstein and VikingJersey
Board member
Anna Lappalainen - Lappala, Finland - 240 VikingHolstein
Vice Chairman of the Board
Casper Pedersen - Tronsmark, Denmark - 150 VikingHolstein
Vice Chairman of the Board
Erik Hansen - Højager Holstein, Denmark - 320 VikingHolstein
Board member
Jan Duchwaider - Nakkedamgård, Denmark - 185 VikingHolstein
Board member
Jesper Kring
Data Warehouse Architect & BI Specialist
T +45 87 95 94 04
M +45 27 26 91 99
Lars-Inge Gunnarsson - Shottorps Säteri, Sweden - 750 cows, 80% VikingHolstein
Chairman of the Board
Nicolai Hansen
Interim CEO
T +45 87 95 94 00
Per Johan Svensson - S. Fågelholm, Sweden - 200 VikingRed
Board member