Registrations in the Nordic countries are the cornerstones in herd management.
At the same time, they are a unique base for estimation of breeding values. 

Each cow has a unique ID from birth to slaughter

All data in ONE database

Strict veterinary rules 
- ALL veterinary treatments are registered

>90% of herds participate in herd and health data recording 

One unique cattle database

 In the Nordic countries, we have a unique and complete cattle database. We receive registrations from many different players, such as farmers, veterinarians, milk lab, A.I. technicians, hoof trimmers, slaughter houses, classifiers, etc. All the data are sent to the same database. 

When it comes to breeding for better health, the Nordic countries are unique, as we can rely on our reliable registration system. We have very strict veterinary rules, and all treatments and use of antibiotics or other drugs need to be handled and registered by a veterinarian. By choosing VikingGenetics, you can benefit from the best and most reliable documentation for health traits.