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VR Hattrick NTM +30 – A top proven sire 

R Haslev x Gunnarstorp x O Brolin

The top VikingRed bull VR Hattrick is special because he is the only progeny proven sire in VikingRed who really can compete with the genomic bulls with a high NTM (Nordic Total Merit). With 92 daughters registered for production, VR Hattrick is today sharing the top position as an outstanding red bull. 

He is top performing in the traits regarding production with an incredible production for protein. VR Hattrick is also great in male fertility and is positive in all the health traits, with Hoof Health index along with Feet and Legs among his biggest strengths.

The breeder of this top VikingRed sire is Anders Badh from Öja Sotregården in Vartofta, Sweden. Hattrick’s dam had five calves and she was classified Body 84, Feet &Legs 87, Udder 84 and Total score 86. Her first lactation was 9,600 kg milk with 4.0% fat and 3.7% protein. VR Hattrick is an outstanding bull and will be one of our most popular bull in the nearest future!