VJ Quintana - outcross and exceptional breeding profile

VJ Quintana is out of “”Krogaard Zuma Zophia”, bred in the Krogaard Jersey herd, owned by Palle Bjerggaard Hansen, Ullerslev, Denmark. A number of very good bulls are bred in the herd, such as OJY Mikkel, FYN Nis, SKAE Krig, DJ Lucus and VJ Primus (last two in the Quintana family).  The sire of VJ Quintana is famous VJ Rodme, a VJ Hubert (DJ Hulk) son out of a DJ May daughter. Rodme is well known as a type and udder improver – no doubt that VJ Quintana has inherited some of the good traits from his father.

The dam of VJ Quintana, Krogaard Zuma Zophia, has also contributed to the exceptional breeding profile of the bull. She is an extreme producer. Yearly average is 11,240 kg milk with 5.70% fat and 4.17% protein. Last 305 day lactation (3rd) was 12,030 kg milk with 1,150 kg fat + protein. Both MGD and MGGD has a yearly average over 9,000 kg milk.
VJ Quintana

VJ Quintana has 58% Danish genes, 20% Canadian, 18% US and 4% NZ genes. He is named after the famous Colombian bike rider Nairo Quintana, who won the Vuelta a España 2016. VJ Quintana is only 13 months old, but has already been used as flush sire, to produce next generation of top bulls. 

VJ Quintana breeds high production of fat and protein, with high percentages. He is a fertility, udder health and longevity improver. Daughters are expected to be tall, with a very good type (show type). Udders will be extremely shallow, high and wide rear udders with strong ligament. Along with that, you will get teats of ideal size and placement, easy to work with. 

VJ Quintana will work very well in combination with pedigrees from US, Canada and NZ, because none of the top bulls from there is present in pedigree and because he is one of the world’s best for udder depth in combination with high production of solids.