breeders meeting their top bulls

There is something special happening south of Linköping. There’s just 23 km between Rimforsa and Kisa where three different farmers have bred outstanding bulls with excellent strength in their genes. VikingGenetics bought these bulls in the end of 2016 and in the beginning of 2017, and they are now part of our breeding program.

Last week, the genomic bulls VR Finduz (VR Fenton x VR Cigar x Gunnastorp), VR Herbert (VR Hjusticia x VR Niki x R David) and VH Fimpen (VH Foster x VH Grafit x VH Spex) got special attention when their breeders got the opportunity to see how they live at VikingGenetics bull station in Skara, Sweden.
The breeders were very happy to see the young bulls and the occasion was celebrated with special VikingGenetics blue cakes!

Anette Roos, breeding advisor from Växa, who is taking care of the Artificial Insemination strategy in these herds explains that the farmers are very engaged in the breeding plan they are following.

“They want to improve the herd all the time, they have good production levels and of course to have a calf that VikingGenetics wants to buy it´s an honor”, she says. 
From the left: of Linnéa and Johan Herbertsson (VR Herbert), Bernt Pettersson (VR Finduz) and Martin Wolf (VH Vimpen)
VR Finduz, +24 gNTM, is a champion on production traits. The production of protein is at the top. “This is the first time that I bred a top bull and is exciting that this can happens to us”, his breeder Bernt Pettersson from Vigerstad Västegård farm in Rimforsa, says.
VH Fimpen, +29 gNTM, comes also from Rimforsa, he was bred by the family Wolf, and was baptized after the Swedish football player Henrik “Fimpen” Gustavsson. VH Fimpen is a positive bull for all health traits. Fertility and general health are at the top. He is also suitable for robots.

Not so far away from Rimforsa, in Kisa, VR Herbert was bred in the farm of Linnéa and Johan Herbertsson in Rästorp. With +30 gNTM, VH Herbert it´s an outstanding milk producer with a yield index of 120.

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