Successful Hoof Health workshop with Polish farmers 

Last week, VikingGenetics together with our distributor in Poland, P.H. KONRAD held a seminar for farmers to share knowledge about how to improve hoof health on dairy cattle. The main goal was to show that there are two important approaches to tackle hoof health diseases. Both approaches, Breeding and Management are important for cows’ welfare and farmers business. 

“Good hoof health is both breeding and management, and VikingGenetics has a unique tool with our Hoof Health index. During the seminar, we show that hoof health matters and it’s actually very important from a breeding and management perspective”, Claus Langdahl, Breeding Manager at VikingGenetics, states. 

Last year, VikingGenetics started a campaign to empower farmers with knowledge about how important it is to select the right bulls to improve hoof health in their herds. Lameness caused by hoof disorders is among the biggest challenges facing the dairy industry. Hoof diseases are among the top three culling reasons after fertility and ud-der diseases. Hoof problems do not only cause pain and distress for dairy cattle, but also have a huge impact on the economy of the dairy farms.

There were around 300 people attending the activities during the three-day conference in Poland. 
Claus Langdahl adds that healthy hooves need hard work also at management level, there are no quick solutions and it’s being proactive in taking hoof health seriously is important. “It’s basic to have a zero tolerance to hoof health problems”, he adds. 

The management advice came from Henrik Jørgensen from Bovi Hoof Care (Danish company). “The practical session was presented by Jørgensen, who showed a video in order for everyone to see the details when he does hoof trimming and tells about the different problems and how to treat them”, Langdahl explains.  

The University in Poland and P.H. KONRAD organized the conference and there were presentations from the Polish registration center about hoof health registration in Poland and hygiene treatments for hoof health, among others. There were around 300 people attending the activities during the three-day conference in Poland. 

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