VikMate is now integrated with VikRank

Define your own breeding goal in the new version of VikMate by using VikRank. The bull selection and matching bulls to females is easier and faster. 
The new version of VikMate is now working together with the newest version of VikRank. This means that you will be able to define you own customized breeding goal at herd level. Because we have merged the two systems, VikRank and VikMate, now you need only one login to access both VikMate and VikRank. 

In VikRank, you can utilize the many different traits we have for all our bulls, to customize your own breeding goal. The customized breeding goal that you have decided in the VikRank program is easily uploaded to VikMate. The result is that VikMate now offers you the opportunity to optimize matings based on your own customized breeding goal. 
The new version of VikMate has also been updated with other functionalities, e.g. direct e-mail ordering of genomic tests. It is crucial for us to keep developing our tools to your benefit. If you would like to know more about the new VikMate, please contact your local VikingGenetics distributor.

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