French farmers pay record high prices for two VikingJersey heifers

In the 32nd edition of the French International SPACE Expo, two VikingJerseys caught a lot of interests from the French farmers. “Two Jersey heifers from Denmark were sold at the SPACE sale, at record high prices”, Peter Larson, Manager for the VikingJersey breeding programme at VikingGenetics, states.

He explained that one of the heifers (VJ Mojn heifer) was sold for 6800 Euro – the highest price ever for a Danish Jersey heifer. The second one, was sold for 6200 Euro which also means the second highest price ever. 

The SPACE Expo in France is well positioned as one of the main places for doing business in the cattle breeding sector in Europe. Both heifers will be flushed in the facilities of the Artificial Insemination company, Evolution, which has been a partner with VikingGenetics for more than 10 years. 
The two high-priced heifers at SPACE Expo 

High quality genetics 

The heifers that VikingGenetics sold are good representatives from the Jersey population in Denmark known for the high genetic level. 

Heifer #1 (3648803393) has gNTM +22, VJ Gislev x VJ Link x DJ Hulk x VJ Mable x DJ Lirsk, and comes from Nr. Haugaar Jerseys, Hjørring, Denmark.

Dam (VJ Link): VG-87 Avg. 8900 kg 5.54%F 3.93%P 841 kg F+P – currently milking 40 kg/day in 2nd lactation. 
Granddam (DJ Hulk): GP-83 Avg. 7800 kg 6.05%F 4.15%P 793 kg F+P
GGD (VJ Mable): GP-77 Avg. 8500 kg 5.39%F 3.83%P 785 kg F+P
GGGD (DJ Lirsk): GP-78 Avg. 7900 kg 6.31%F 4.23%P 832 kg F+P

The heifer is from the herd Nr. Haugaard I/S milking 315 cows in robots with current avg. at 7800 kg 6.11%F 4.25%P. Nr. Haugaard I/S have a lot of high genomic heifers and have sold five heifers to the VikingEmbryo flushing programme so far. They genomically test all females at the farm.

“Extremely strong stack of sire and a very strong cow family. All cows in the family have produced more than the herd average. She is a heifer with a great profile and will for sure make an impact in her new herd”. Larson adds. 

Heifer #2 (5127803539) gNTM +19, VJ Mojn x VJ Rodme x DJ Zuma x DJ Jason x JAS Bungy, From Carsten Asmussen, Aller Jerseys, Christiansfeld, Denmark. 

Dam (VJ Rodme): VG-87 256 days 5700 kg 5.96%F 4.15%P 578 kg F+P – currently milking 30 kg/day in late 1st lactation. 
GD (DJ Zuma): GP-84 Avg. 8000 kg 6.43%F 4.25%P 853 kg F+P
GGD (DJ Jason): VG-85 Avg. 8800 kg 6.15%F 4.00%P 891 kg F+P
GGGD (DJ Hovborg): VG-85 Avg. 7800 kg 5.94%F 4.13%P 780 kg F+P
GGGGD (JAS Bungy): VG-86 Avg. 8000 kg 5.98%F 4.12%P 808 kg F+P

The heifer is from Carsten Asmussen, who milks 370 cows in a new barn. Avg. at 7700 kg 6.27%F 4.26%P. All females in the herd are genomically tested. “The Dam, GD and GGD are still milking strong in the herd. The Dam, GD and GGD are all being genomically tested, which means these heifers are the fourth generation of genomically tested females on this farm. Great profile and a heifer that will impress you in your herd no matter which breed you have already”, Larson explains. 

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