August Proofs - New #proofleaders! 

The August proof run has given us new #proofleaders for VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey. See the bull introductions below. 

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your distributor to find out more. 


VH Growny
gNTM +41 genomic
VH Goleen x Rodgers x Bookem

Being the proofleader among VikingHolstein bulls means being something extraordinary! That is the case for VH Growny with impressive gNTM +41. Are you interested in getting the rare combination of cows with high production from super components and at the same time fantastic health and fertility, and additionally average sized cow? If so, then have a closer look at VH Growny.

VH Growny will give you very high producing cows with EBV 125 with fat% index 127 and protein% index at 129. He breaks the normal negative relation between production and health and fertility by inheriting good female fertility (120), udder health (116) and general health (112). Conformation is really nice with medium-sized daughters.

His sire is VH Goleen (VH Grace x VH Bostrup x D Rodding) The dam is a fantastic Rodgers daughter with average production at 11,300 with 4.31% in fat and 3.69% in protein and is classified VG85. Her dam is an even higher producing Bookem cow with more than 13,200 kg in average.

The proud breeder of the VikingHolstein proofleader is Ibackens Gaard in Norsjö in Sweden.
VH Bernell
NTM +32 proven
Bube x VH Salomon x Mascol

Striving to improve your herd on production and at the same time get healthier and fertile cows? Then the daughter proven, VikingHolstein proofleader, VH Bernell is a choice for you!

Highly reliable VH Bernell continues to improve and raises to NTM +32! His breeding values are based on almost 4,000 milking daughters and close to 1,600 classified cows. He has the kind of profile that most farmers like. Breeding strong production with EBV 120, good female fertility (109), easy calving’s (112), healthy hoofs (113) and good functional conformation. 

His dam has produced for more than four years with an average of 12,000 kg milk, with 4.51% fat and 3.72% protein. Her dam – a Mascol daughter was equally high producing cow.

He is bred at the herd of Martin Alstrup Kristensen in Tarm in Denmark


VR Vilperi
gNTM +33 genomic
VR Viljar x VR Hambo x Ullimulli

Here we have a perfect genomic sire for you, with no weaknesses. VR Vilperi gives you good yield at the same time with high female fertility with EBV 109, good longevity (116) and maternal calving traits (113). Great udder health (118) combined with fast milking speed (113) is one of his strengths. He is also very strong in body, not to talk about great feet and legs (113) and tremendous udder (123). 

The bull dam Lontoo was born of an embryo transfer. She is a second-generation nucleus herd cow out of an Ullimulli daughter Rajaojan Imelda. This is a high yielding cow family with very high components. 

The breeder is Luke research herd, Finland
VR Thiago
NTM +33 proven
VR Tuomi x R Haslev x R David

There is still nobody who can push VR Thiago from the podium of VikingRed progeny proven sires. He still has NTM +33 and is getting more daughters to his proof all the time. He is still on NTM level with the best genomic sires!

If you need milk volume, VR Thiago is a safe choice with his yield index EBV 124. He also gives you easy calvings (107), good female fertility (112), great young stock survival (116), excellent feet and legs (118) and an outstanding hoof health of EBV 126.

VR Thiago is out of a good-looking R Haslev cow of whom VikingGenetics has bought two bull calves. The GMGD sired by R Ascona has been a “Health Cow Prize Winner” at the 2014 and 2016 Agromek and made a total of 8 lactations. The home farm is one of the highest producing organic farms in Denmark having mainly Holstein cows. 

The breeder is Lars Remme Larsen, Denmark.


VJ Sort                                                
gNTM +24 genomic
VJ Samson x VJ Hjort x DJ Jason                     
If you are looking for production of milk solids – go for VJ Sort!
VJ Sort is a breed leader for production with EBV 127 and high percentages (119 F% and 121 P%). Health traits are on a good level (udder health 104 and general health 106). With a breeding value of 122 on body capacity, VJ Sort will be a perfect choice if you want to improve stature and capacity in your cows. VJ Sort is a value creator with the high production while not compromising on the health traits.
VJ Sort’s pedigree combines some of the best daughter proven bulls from VikingGenetics with some American genetics. The sire, VJ Samson is VJ Hove NTM +16 from an Irwin daughter, MGS is the VJ Husky son VJ Hjort NTM +12 and the MGGS is DJ Jason NTM +16.
Both dam and MGD of VJ Sort hava extremely high solids percentages. Dam, Skoelvad Hjort Future, has 7.07% fat and 4.44% protein. MGD, Skoelvad Jason Joanna, has 6.63% fat and 4.39% protein.
Breeder of VJ Sort is the VikingEmbryo project. The dam of VJ Sort, Skoelvad Hjort Future, was bred by Bjørn Lyngholm, Skølvad, Denmark.
Cappa Casein: BB     Beta Casein: A1/A2      JH1 Free      aAa: 426  
VJ Gislev                                                         
NTM +24 proven
VJ Hihl x VJ Lure x Q Zik          
If daughter proven is essential for you when selecting a bull, then have a look at the new daughter proven proofleader from the VikingJersey line up: VJ Gislev.
VJ Gislev is in the absolute elite when it comes to production with EBV 120, fertility (106) and udder health (109). The 125 scored daughters are average-sized daughters with very good capacity and dairy form (body capacity is 109). Good feet and legs, and well attached shallow udders with strong ligament and ideal teat placement with udder EBV 109.
The dam of VJ Gislev, Raastrup Lure Hanne is a high yielding VJ Lure daughter, now in her sixth lactation. Average production in her five 305-day lactations is 9,435 kg milk with 6.30% fat and 4.55% protein. Both maternal GD and MGGD had average productions over 8,000 kg milk.
The breeder is Klaus Ole Jørgensen, Gislev, Denmark
VJ Gislev is the sire of VJ Gutz (NTM +27), VJ Garant, and VJ Giant – both with NTM +26!
Cappa Casein: BB         Beta Casein: A2A2        JH1 Free      aAa: 342

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