NewVikings May 2020 – VikingRed

With the May proof run we reveal new and interesting bulls available in our line-up! See the VikingRed bulls below.
*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more.

VR Fortess

gNTM +34 genomic
(VR Fabu x VR Thiago x VR Niki)

If some of your everyday struggles are poor udder health, fertility and longevity, VR Fortess is the bull that surely can make a difference in your herd. 

VR Fortess is a super bull on the important trait’s like Udder Health (126), Female Fertility (114) and Longevity (127). To spice it up he will also inherit good Hoof Health with 117, Maternal Calving ease with 112, Udders with 111 and Production with 116.

VR Fortess was born from a normal insemination on a good heifer and today the dam is in her second lactation and in very good shape. The dam has great solids production with 4.95 % Fat and 3.78 % Protein. 

Breeder: Johan and Niklas Pettersson, Sweden

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: AB
VR Fabu, the sire of VR Fortess

VR Foredal

gNTM +30 genomic
(VR Fabu x VR Hattric x VR Flame)

If your goal is to improve dder health, milking speed and production at the same time, VR Foredal is the bull you should use in your herd. 

VR Foredal combines great Udder Health (116), super Milking speed (120) and good Production (116). On top of that you will get cows with a great Hoof Health with 111, Longevity with 121 and good Female fertility (108) and Udder conformation (112). 

VR Foredal is born from a normal insemination on a good heifer and today the dam is in her second lactation. The dam has a good production with an average of 11,166 kg milk, 3.87 % in Protein, 4.52 % in Fat. She is classified as 81-84-83-83. The granddam is still milking in the herd and is in her fourth lactation with an average production of 900 kg of fat and protein.   

Breeder: Gunnar and Claes Bergstrand, Sweden

Beta Casein: A1/A2    Kappa Casein: AA

VR Foredal has X-Vik available. 

VR Honborg

gNTM +30 genomic
(VR Hipster x VR Capri x VR Fergus)

Are you looking for a bull with a great all-round profile? VR Honborg is a bull you would like. 

He will give you healthy, fertile (Daughter Fertility 106), easy calving, long-living (Longevity 112), fast-milking cows with a good production (117) and good growth (109). All this is combined with good feet & legs (107) together with good udders (113) with great fore udder attachment and udder depth.  

The dam has just started up her second lactation. His granddam was milking in the herd for over three years and the great granddam was in production for over six years. 

VR Honborg’s home farm has worked with breeding for many years. Since 2017 they have been active in embryo flushing and they have had some great results from that. VikingGenetics have multiple flushing contracts with the farm. 

Breeder: I/S Kokkenbrog, Denmark. 

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