VikingGenetics supplies semen of 16 beef breeds. This means that we will always have semen available matching into the cattle breeder's herd and conditions.

The central point in the work with beef breeds in VikingGenetics is the performance testing of bulls in the performance test station. The main objective of the performance testing is to select the genetically best AI sires for pure breeding as well as for crossbreeding.

VikingGenetics performance tests app. 175 bulls annually. The testing starts when the calf is 7½ months old and ends when it is 12 months old. During the performance testing feed intake, growth, carcass and temperament are registered.

The registrations from the testing are used for the calculation of breeding values for feed efficiency (FEF index), daily growth (T) and muscularity (U). The heritability is relatively high since the registrations are done in a stud and the calves are tested in the same environment ensuring better selection of the best bulls for the breeding work.

At the moment the use of beef semen for the poorest dairy cows is increasing.