New Breeding Values and Proofleaders

The May proof run changed the bull rankings a bit and we are proud to present the new proofleaders for this index run; VH Cosmo, VR Filur and VJ Heavy. 


VH Cosmo – Proofleader
VH Clark x Router x Oman Justi
NTM +32

Most used bull in 2015 at that time being genomic bull. He is now daughter proven and has NTM +32. The name of the new daughter proven star is VH Cosmo. He is bred in the herd of Michael Jensen in Denmark where the dam is a VG89 really high producing with almost 13,000 kg milk in average with 4.22 in fat % and 3.76 in protein %. The cow family behind is the Claire family.

The index on VH Cosmo is today highly reliable with 657 daughters in milk and 126 classified. The daughters are really high producing (126) and at the same time fertile (111), easy calves (114) and with good hoof health (114). The conformation is in balance with average size and nicely attached udders with correct teat placement.

Interesting to notice that the sire of VH Cosmo (VH Clark) is the second highest daughter proven bull with NTM +27. Better foundation is not possible!
VH Baylor – Proof leader among genomic bulls
Battlecry x G-Force x VH Bismark
gNTM +36

1.3 years with an average production of 15,670 kg milk with 3.77% fat and 3.52% protein and classified VG89. This is the impressive merit of the dam of VH Baylor. As a heifer she was flushed 10 times and produced almost 50 embryos. Beside from VH Baylor she is also the dam of VH Dent RC. Her dam – the VH Bismark daughter has also a production close to 16,000 kg of milk in her first lactation and also classified VG89.
VH Baylor is bred at the herd of Anderstrup Holstein in Skoerping in Denmark. Knowing the family behind VH Baylor, we are not surprised that he breeds good production at 121. He also breeds good calving ease and health. Conformation is strong and the daughters are easy to manage – calm temperament at 110 and high milking speed.

VH Baylor has X-Vik semen available.
VH Baylor
Pictures: Left/Top VH Baylor Dam no 33723-5816, Right/Bottom: VH Baylor grand dam no 33723-4984
VH Hipsen –VikingDefence profile
VH Highway x VH Booth x D Limbo
gNTM +33

The new top VikingHolstein bull is the Swedish born VH Hipsen with gNTM +33. He is bred at the herd of Västorps Lantbruk in Hjo and is the outcome of a very active breeding work. His dam is a daughter of the no 1 daughter proven bull VH Booth (NTM +27) and was flushed three times as a heifer with 28 embryos in total. The dam has now produced her first lactation with a yearly average of 11,100 kg milk, 4.18% fat and 3.40% protein. She is classified 84 in total conformation. Her dam is a high producing D Limbo daughter with an average of more than 13,500 kg milk. VikingGenetics has recently bought a VH Brook heifer from the VH Booth cow – a heifer that has impressive +40 in NTM. This is for sure a family we will see much more from in the future.

VH Hipsen has a really appealing VikingDefence profile. Udder health (115), General health (111) and Hoof health (111), all three above 110. Besides from this, he breeds super female fertility (119) and good calving traits. His production is high with average milk and fantastic 127 in fat% index and 130 in protein% index. That gives in total a production index of 119. Conformation is nicely in balance with average sized cows, good feet & legs (109) and functional udders (107).

(No picture available of VH Hipsen


VR Filur - Proofleader
VR Fonseca x VR Uudin x R Fastrup
gNTM +29

VR Filur’s breeder is Eskild Grabow Olesen, Denmark.
VR Filur is the best VR Fonseca son. His dam was flushed as a heifer and gave only bull calves. Today the dam is on her first lactation and she is still among top three in the daughter group of VR Uudin. Her first lactation was more than 9,000 kg milk with 4.8% fat and 3.5% protein.

VR Filur is a high component sire with kappa casein status BB. He is also high in functional traits, milking speed (110) and temperament (105). He inherits large body capacity and great udders suitable for robot milking. VR Filur has succeeded very well in X-Vik production.
VR Viljar
VR Vimur x VR Niki x Ullimulli
gNTM +24

VR Viljar breeders are Kati and Ari Luukkonen, Finland.
The dam of VR Viljar, Luckykymppi, sired by the progeny proven VR Niki, was bought as an embryo to the Kuusela farm. She is out of the famous Lakiala cow family owned by Sakari Oksanen, the breeder of VR Uudin. The Kymppi family (“Kymppi” means 10) cows have had lots of success. The MGD of Viljar is Isokymppi, VR Uudin’s sister, who was sold to the ASMO nucleus herd where she was flushed several times. 

The dam of VR Viljar was flushed twice with VG contract as heifer at Kuusela, first with VR Lazer and then with VR Vimur, the latter producing VR Viljar. There are also good genomically tested heifers out of these flushes growing at the farm. The dam of VR Viljar is an invisible cow. The first lactation was not on top in production even though with great components 5.0% fat and 4.1% protein. Now we know the reason: she had twins. The second lactation was up to 11,000 kg milk. 

VR Viljar has a very balanced proof. He is high in components, good in female fertility(105) and excellent in udder health (122). Also the type proofs are strong with good height and optimal body coordinates, great feet and legs (104) and remarkable udder (125). Viljar has also X-Vik semen available
VR Viljar
VR Hattrick
R Haslev x Gunnarstorp x O Brolin
NTM +23

VR Hattrick has been on the podium and among the best progeny tested sires since he had his first proof. He was never a GenVikPLUS sire which means that there was a high demand for him at home market even though the use of progeny proven sires in general is very low.  During 2017, VR Hattrick was the most popular VR sire with more than 23,000 sold doses. For a long time, he was on the same level as the best genomic sires. He comes from Anders Badh, Sweden, out of the dam that in total  gave five calves but was in milk recording only until her second calving. 

He is still a great production sire with positive female fertility (100). His daughters are of moderate size, they have great bone quality (116) and teat position should be suitable for robot milking as well. 
VR Hattrick


Best proof run ever for VikingJersey
Five young genomic bulls with gNTM higher than +30! All just started semen production or starting now. Among the bulls with semen available right now, VJ Heavy (VJ Haley x VJ Lukowa) is in the lead with gNTM +29.
VJ Heavy is followed by VJ Hero (VJ Hazard x VJ Joker) and VJ Quintana (VJ Rodme x DJ Zuma) both with gNTM +27 and a new top bull, - VJ Gates (VJ Gislev x VJ Hillum) with gNTM +25. All very promising and exciting new bulls with interesting sires. VJ Haley has three sons with gNTM +29 to +31, VJ Hazard (gNTM +21) is close to becoming daughter proven and VJ Gislev has sons between gNTM +25 and +31.
VJ Janko (DJ Jason x DJ Hulk) and VJ Hian (VJ Hickey x DJ Zuma) are top daughter proven with NTM +23. They are followed by VJ Huzar, VJ Hjort and VJ Horn, all in the early 20s for NTM. Next to be daughter proven are VJ Hazard (VJ Hickey x DJ Izzy) and VJ Lusaka (VJ Lure x DJ Jante) both with very high production proofs and now 102 and 62 daughters in milk. 
VJ Heavy - Proofleader
VJ Haley x VJ Lukowa x DJ Zuma
gNTM +29                 
VJ Heavy is bred in the Groenbjerg herd, owned by Lars Groenbjerg, Bogense, on the Island of Funen, Denmark. VJ Heavy is one of three top ranking VJ Haley sons. Others are VJ Hawk and VJ Hirts

Dam of VJ Heavy, the VJ Lukowa daughter no. 3232, has been milking for 1.2 years with a yearly average of 7,219 kg milk with 5.74% fat and 4.00% protein. The dam is scored 86 for mammary.
VJ Heavy is a milk solid and udder health improver. Daughters are expected to be tall and dairy, with straight top line (“show type”). Udder attachment is excellent, - strong fore udders, wide and high rear udders and very shallow udders as well. Teat placement is ideal. Use VJ Heavy on pedigrees with steep foot angle and with teats longer than average.
VJ Heavy has been used as sire of sons during the first months of 2018.
VJ Gates - Udder health and udder attachment 
VJ Gislev x VJ Hillum x VJ Hickey
gNTM +25                
VJ Gates is bred at Juulsgaard Jerseys, owned by Niels Ulrik Andersen, Ronaes, on the Island of Funen, Denmark. Juulsgaard Jerseys has been very successful in their breeding and have sold a large number of bulls to VikingGenetics over the last few years. Most dominant are: DJ Holmer, VJ Hilario, VJ Tulsa, VJ Pick (last three out of the same family), VJ Lurik, VJ Ronas, VJ Zuul and VJ Lutter. VJ Gates is the first bull out of his maternal line. 

The Hillum dam has milked for 1.1 year and her first 305-day lactation was 7,742 kg milk with 5.69% fat and 4.09% protein. The dam is scored EX90. The gene proportions are 67% Danish genes, 28% American and 5% NZ.
VJ Gates breeds high volume of milk and protein. Despite of that, he is a breed leader for Udder health, fore udder attachment and udder depth. Daughters are expected to be of average stature, with very good rear udders and teat placement. Good Fertility and Longevity are other of VJ Gates’ trademarks. It is recommended to use VJ Gates on pedigrees with ideal or long/thick teats
VJ Gates is used heavily as sire of sons.
VJ Gates
Pictures: Dam of VJ Gates. VJ Hillum daughter no. 19903-05517

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