World Jersey Conference, Ohio, USA

VikingJersey had a delegation of 13 people attending the World Jersey Conference in Ohio, USA. Bent Olesen, the VikingJersey Chairman (Invited by WJCB, as Jersey Award winner from Europe), three Jersey breed committee members and two people from VikingGenetics’ staff; Peter Larson, the Breed Manager of VikingJersey and Morten Hollensen from VikingEmbryo team, plus Jørn Rind Thomasen (Conference speaker), four young breeders (having received the Danish Jersey Travel Award), and a couple of Jersey breeders. The whole delegation party was impressed by the trip and the conference. All learned a lot about the current situation of the US AI industry and in the American Jersey breed, by discussing and visiting interesting people and places. 
Visiting ST recipient herd
During the vitsit to U.S. they also visited ST recipient herd. Embryos from the ST Wisconsin facility are implanted here. There are 5,500 animals in total, of which 4,500 are cows. They have 60-80 calvings per week. Also bulls in waiting are housed here.
Nine calves of VikingJersey embryos were born over the last few weeks. Peter Larson saw the first-born bull calf and the calf looked great and was doing well. The new-born calves will now be genomically tested in both in U.S. and by VikingGenetics.

VikingJersey Breed Manager Peter Larson with the bull calf born from VikingGenetics' embryo

VikingJersey  Young Jersey Breeder delegates in front of the American Jersey Cattle Association office and head quarters in Columbus, Ohio
Conference presentations
Jørn Rind Thomasen gave a presentation about our ongoing feed efficiency- and CO2/Methane projects. This created a lot of interest and it clearly showed that we are in the lead in this worldwide.
It was obvious to the VikingJersey delegates that VikingGenetics can make a big difference to the American breeders and to the local breeding programs. Both interest and demand is increasing for VikingJersey genetics in the U.S. 

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