Visitors from Argentina and Chile 

VikingGenetics invited some top sales people from two South American countries, Argentina and Chile to Denmark, to participate in an intensive training about the Nordic countries’ breeding goal. 
From left: Gus Kirk from Australia, Simón Carrasco from Chile, Raúl Alfonsín from Argentina, Suvi Johansson from VikingGenetics, Darren Fletcher from VikingGenetics Australia, Katherine Keim from Chile and Rodrigo Mogues from Argentina
During five days, 2nd to 6th of July, Raul Alfonsín and Rodrigo Mogues from our distributor Juan Debernardi SRL in Argentina and Katherine Keim and Simon Carrasco from Cooprinsem in Chile had an interesting program in different towns in Denmark. “They are the very top sales people of the companies we work with in South America, and we wanted to show them by first hand more about our genetics and breeding philosophy”, Suvi Johansson, Export Manager for Latin America says.
After their arrival in Copenhagen, they started their learning journey in Assentoft where VikingGenetics’ headquarter is located. The VIP guests were guided through our innovative laboratory where they could learn more about our sexed semen technology. They had also an extended explanation about VikingGenetics’ breeding programme for VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey. 
The group got an overview of the production of both conventional and sexed semen in the Assentoft lab. 
Six bulls were shown to the visitors in the bull parade. 
Moreover, our visitors from Argentina and Chile could see some of our star bulls per breed, like VH River, VJ Quintana and VR Filur. Peter Larson, Breeding Manager for VikingJersey together with Klaus Kastberg, the head of bull barn in Denmark, were in charge of the bull parade that really caught the eyes of our international guests.

Lars Nielsen, Head of Breeding and David Ravnkilde, International Business Development gave the guests welcome and introduction to Viking as a company. The group had also the opportunity to dialogue about what’s more important for their countries and made a presentation regarding their companies
Learning about the balanced breeding philosophy of VikingGenetics. 
Chilean visitors next to the hall of fame in Assentoft
Feed efficiency and veterinary registrations
After the first day, the group grew with two people from Australia, as Darren Fletcher from VikingGenetics Australia, along with his customer Gus Kirk joined the programme for the rest of the week.
The programme continued with a visit to Foulum Research Centre in Tjele. There the guests got a tour in the barn where various feeding studies are realized with Holstein and Jersey herds. In addition, they heard a presentation by Jan Lassen, project manager of VG Research and Development, about the latest advances of Feed Efficiency research that VikingGenetics is leading together with the University of Aarhus. 
At Foulum Research Center in Tjele the guest were interested in a milking robot and had active discussions
Following, the group met with Sofia Munoz, district veterinary in Sweden, who talked about the veterinary treatment registration system and disease control in the Nordic countries. The topic is very interesting, as veterinary registrations are fundamental for direct selection against different diseases, such as mastitis and metabolic diseases. 
Sofia Munoz (in the middle) gave an overview of veterinary registrations in Scandinavia
Farm visits with excellent Danish cows
The training programme naturally included some farm visits, too. The group visited two farms per breed, and in each farm guests had plenty of questions. The Holstein farms visited were Gunnar Forum in Skals with 470 cows, and Jørgen Pedersen in Vildbjerg with 370 organic cows. The VikingRed farms were Poul Børge Jensen in Videbæk with 160 cows and Søren Røndbjerg in Give with 190 cows. And for Jersey the guests visited Jørn Mortensen in Silkeborg with 150 cows and Vagn Post in Vorbasse with 140 organic cows. The customers were extremely impressed by the production level of the cows, the overall management of the farms, and the openness, kindness and professionalism of the farmers who received us. 
Visit to Gunnar Forum with 470 VikingHolstein cows
At Jorgen Pedersen's farm with 370 VikingHolstein cows
Poul Borge Jensen shows Katherine from Chile how he orders an inseminator
Visit to Poul Borge Jensen with 160 VikingRed cows
Visit to Soren Rondbjerg with 190 VikingRed cows
Visit to Jorn Mortensen with 150 VikingJersey cows
Visit to Vagn Post with 140 VikingJersey cows
The whole programme finished with their participation in the Landsskuet show in the city of Herning, one of the biggest dairy expos in Scandinavia.
After their intensive training week with Viking, the guests had some tourism days in Copenhagen, before returning back to their home countries. 
The guests had good time in Landsskuet show! 

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