NewVikings November 2018 - VikingJersey

With the new November proof run we present you the newest additions to VikingGenetics' global bull line-up*! Here are the new interesting VikingJersey sires.

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more.

VJ Higher 

gNTM +31 genomic
VJ Hjorri x VJ Huzar x DJ Hulk

Are you looking for Udder Health and F&L – go Higher. VJ Higher is a breed leader for udder health with a breeding value of 119 and he will be a perfect choice if you want to improve F&L. VJ Higher is a value creator when it comes to reducing costs in your herd. His exceptional health profile combining udder health (119) and general health (109) without compromise on production (121). VJ Highers profile combines good frame, excellent F&L (116) with shallow, wide and high attached rear udders. VJ Higher will breed healthy and high producing daughters on a higher level.

VJ Higher originates from the VikingEmbryo project. Dam of VJ Higher is the most successful donor in the programme, “Gundestrup Huzar Gunilla”, bred by Jørgen K. Larsen in the Gundestrup Jersey herd, located in the southern part of Funen, Denmark. “Gunilla” has bred three bulls for VikingGenetics, VJ Higher (VJ Hjorri son), VJ Lazer (VJ Lejby son) and VJ Last (VJ Lesten son) plus two daughters re-entering the VikingEmbryo project. 

Both grand dam and MGD of VJ Higher were very high producing cows. Both averaging more than 9,000 kg milk in yearly average with protein higher than 4%. Both the sire of VJ Higher, VJ Hjorri (VJ Hjort x DJ Holmer) and the MGS VJ Huzar (VJ Hilde x DJ Zuma) are bred in the same herd, Høholt Jersey.

Beta Casein: A2/A2 Kappa Casein: AB

VJ Dandi 

gNTM +27 genomic
VJ Dau x VJ Jotur x DJ Izzy

Are you looking for the combination of exceptional health, high components and great conformation? Then VJ Dandi will definitely be a bull to look closer at. VJ Dandi will have a huge effect with his breed leading 114 for udder health and positive breeding values for general health and hoof health as well. 

VJ Dandi has an exceptional conformation profile. You can expect daughters to be tall with super body capacity, excellent parallel legs, shallow and strongly attached udders with strong ligament. And along with this you get teats of ideal size and placement. VJ Dandi will be easy to use, because of his outcross pedigree and because he is an overall improver.  

VJ Dandi is out of the VJ Jonatan daughter “Skølvad Jenny”, bred by Bjorn Lyngholm Christensen at Skølvad Jersey in the southern part of Jutland. VJ Dandi is our only VJ Dau son. VJ Dau being a VJ Hjort x VJ Tei. VJ Jotur on the maternal side is VJ Jonatan out of a Q Hirse. Very special pedigree and outcross to most other pedigrees. 

Skølvad Jenny has been milking for three years with a yearly average of 7,760 kg milk with 6.41% fat and 4.21% protein. The grandmother (DJ Izzy daughter) also keeps on producing in the herd. Now six years with a yearly average of 8,880 kg milk.

Beta Casein: A2/A2 Kappa Casein: BB

VJ Leica  

gNTM +25 genomic
VJ Lejby x VJ Link x DJ Hulk

If improved health is part of your breeding goal, VJ Leica is the bull to fulfill it. VJ Leica is the perfect choice if you prioritize health - udder health (116), general health (108), hoof health (107), longevity (108) and fertility (103). VJ Leica will also provide you with higher percentages in the milk of daughters. And not the least, VJ Leica is the perfect choice if you need improvements on F&L – and on hoof health.

VJ Leica is a result of flushing in the VikingEmbryo project. The dam of VJ Leica was purchased from the Pedersker Jersey herd on the island of Bornholm, Denmark. The dam, “Pedersker Link Lilian” now has eight offspring and she has ended her first 305 day lactation with 6,800 kg milk with 5.99% fat and 4.16% protein. VJ Leica is our only VJ Lejby son. VJ Lejby (gNTM +16) is a VJ Lukowa x DJ Bindy. 

Beta Casein: A2/A2 Kappa Casein: BB

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