VikingRed is the dominant red breed in the world

The August index round showed again that VikingRed genetics work in many conditions. In all the main red populations, VikingRed is on the top of the lists. VR Thiago is doing great in many countries, and his half-brother VR Tokyo is performing well in Australia. See below and take the tour around the world together with VikingRed.   

In the UK VikingRed is also in this index round heavily represented at the top of the £PLI list. Seven out of the top ten bulls are VikingRed, and all the top five bulls are VikingRed bulls. VR Thiago is at the top with 639 in £PLI. For both Spring calving index £SCI and Autumn calving index £ACI, seven out of the top ten bulls are VikingRed. For £SCI all the top five bulls are VikingRed bulls and for £ACI all four top bulls are VikingRed bulls. VR Thiago is again in top positions of RZG in Germany with 159 in RZG. Nine of the top 10 bulls are VikingRed bulls and the eight top bulls are VikingRed bulls. 

VR Thiago daughters 
In Norway there are both a proven and a genomic list and VikingRed have taken top positions even though there are 10 times as many NRF bulls available in Norway. For the proven bulls two VikingRed bulls are placed in top 10. VR Uudin is sharing the first place with 40 in TMI while VR Umbro is number four on the list. On the genomic list VR Uncca is on the top of the list and shares the first place with TMI on 46.    

VR Uudin daughters
VR Uudin 
Down under and over the Atlantic

In Australia VR Tokyo still has the highest Balance Performance Index (BPI$) and he has been the number one for some time now. Three out of top five bulls on BPI$ are VikingRed bulls. For the Type Weight Index (TWI) VR Froerup has taken the first place and pushed VR Tokyo one step down on the list. For the Health Weight Index (HWI) VR Faabeli takes the second place while VR Tokyo also there with a third place on the list.    

VR Tokyo daughter

VR Froerup and VR Froerup daughter

In North America VikingRed is also represented well there. In Canada Valpas is still the best proven sire in Canada. On the Interbull list 22 of the top 25 bulls are VikingRed bulls. The top bull in MACE proofs is VR Thiago with impressive +3799 in LPI. VR Faabeli and VR Corona follow him. All top 20 bulls in the MACE Ayrshire list are VikingRed bulls. In the USA 17 of the top 25 bulls are VikingRed bulls on NM$. In the USA it looks like the top bull VR Thiago has some data transfer errors and hopefully he will be back on the top again very soon as he should be. 

Home countries

In the VikingGenetics home countries Denmark, Sweden and Finland VikingRed have a significant part of the top bulls on NTM. In top 50 for the proven sires there is 49 VikingRed bulls. On the genomic part all the top 50 bulls are VikingRed bulls. 

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VikingRed is the dominant red breed in the world
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