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Get on the Highway and find the top NTM bull of the World - VH Highway

The top ranking Holstein bull in the World is called VH Highway. A Finnish born Halogen son, and the proud breeder is Sari...       

VikingGenetics bulls come fully optioned

Apart from the usual conformation and management traits most countries select for, Viking sires have a long list of extra...       

VikingNews 2-16 is now available online!

The latest issue of our magazine VikingNews is now online.       

Vacant position - Head of Business Development

As Head of Business Development, you will take on responsibility for a newly established function with competent people and...       

Highest components available

VJ Pil gNTM +22 and VJ Perez gNTM +24 are the only VJ Pick sons in the VikingGenetic Jersey program.       

Visit VikingGenetics and National show in Denmark

Welcome to Landsskuet in Herning - The biggest agricultural show in North Europe! add the dates to your calendar now and...       
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