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Turandot sons strengthen their proofs

Turandot sons VR Tuomi , NTM +24 and VR Taara , NTM +19 are at the top of the daughter proven VikingRed list...       

Promising VH Grafit sons

VH Grafit has two of his sons high on the daughter proven list.  VH Gregor and VH Gavin have the first...       

Newcomers in VikingJersey

VikingJersey lists, both daughter proven and genomic, has some newcomers with different pedigrees.        

New breeding values

New breeding values were released yesterday in VikingGenetics       

Global Business Development Manager

We are now gearing up our sales efforts and seek to add a highly qualified Global Business Development Manager to strengthen...       

International Reporter

Are you a dedicated communicator with strong writing skills who wants to make a difference? And would you like to become...       
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