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VikingNews 2-15 is now available online!

The latest issue of VikingNews 2-15 is now online       

New and interesting projects in China

In China ad hoc advising in feed planning, feed analysis, health, reproduction and breeding has high priority. Therefore...       

Genomic Jersey bulls press the proven bulls

The new May proofs led even more very young genomic bulls to the top. The daily plan is made today but we expect that only...       

More diverse Holstein bulls than ever

36 VikingHolstein bulls over NTM +32 with 32 different sires and an improved index for female fertility. This is the headlines...       

VR Wand keeps his top position

The Womtorp son VR Wand keeps his top position as the best VikingRed sire with NTM +34 at the evaluation May 2015.       

VikingGenetics distributors meet

3rd VikingAcademy has started in Gothenburg, Sweden and 26 of our distributors from 17 different countries will meet for...       
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