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Leaders are those with followers

Genomics makes it possible for more companies to work with health traits. The pressure on the dairy economy at the same time...       

Polled bulls with different sire lines

In some parts of the world, polled sires are becoming more and more an issue. VikingGenetics also has focus on this.       

Components and calving ease - VR Barkov

VR Barkov is a new genomic sire with NTM +29 and he is sharing rank 2 in the VR Borsse son group.       

Red Holstein from excellent cow family 

 - VH Cap Red.  The Red Holstein sires in VikingGenetics have shown a tremendous progress the last couple of years....       

Japanese delegation visits VikingGenetics

This week the board of directors from Doutou Asahi Agricultural Cooperative in Japan is visiting Vi-kingGenetics.        

Miracles happen in Australia

VH Miracle obtains extraordinary conception rates by Australian reseller.       
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