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Outcross, exceptional breeding profile  - VJ Quintana

VJ Quintana is out of ”Krogaard Zuma Zophia”, bred in the Krogaard Jersey herd in Denmark.       

Coming from a strong family - VR Vagner 

VR Vagner comes from Højtofte v/Vagn Rasmussen, Denmark, from a cow family that has a good production and high classification       

Down by the Riverside - VH River

Not the Negro Spiritual, but the new topbull from VikingGenetics. Full brother to VH Rozwell that was released some months...       

Torpet Farm - reaching goals with a new generation

As a child, Gustav Kämpe never thought he was going to be a farmer. He grew up sur-rounded by cows because his parents were...       

Improved hoof health - increased profit

Hoof disorders in dairy cattle cause lameness and a lot of pain and  leads to large loss in produc-tion and early involuntary...       

VikingRed sire evaluation in February 2017

It is now time for VR Lazer sons. He might be the last VR sire to have as many as six sons in use. VR Lorenzo gNTM +28 is...       
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