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One more son out of one of the very best cows - VR Rafael

VR Rafael is a new sire from the most successful VR cow since the introduction of genomic selection.       

New pedigree, strong udders - VJ Pil

VJ Pil is a new pedigree offering very strong conformation, especially very strong udders        

20,000 doses sold on home market - VR Hjusticia

VR Hjusticia has been on top among VR sires a long time now.        

Vacant position - ProCROSS Export Sales Manager

ProCROSS is seeking a highly motivated sales professional to grow business in designated export markets.       

Vacant position - Head of Business Development

As Head of Business Development, you will take on responsibility for a newly established function with competent people and...       

Visit VikingGenetics and National show in Denmark

Welcome to Landsskuet in Herning - The biggest agricultural show in North Europe! add the dates to your calendar now and...       
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