Reliable data is the answer

The Nordic countries have a long tradition of registering diseases that give us reliable and up-to-date data and reliable breeding values.
Viking unique features

Sustainable solutions 

VikingGenetics is fully committed to a sustainable breeding goal, for the dairy farmer, for the people and for the environment. We have solutions that can help to achieve that.
Viking unique features

It works

"Our Viking cows have been producing at a high level and remained healthy, they are such good cows to work with"

Meet our valued customers

“Crossbreeding works very well in this country. We want productive, healthy and fertile cows and during the years with crossbreeding we have had very good results”, says Ajs Kirk when talking about his crossbreeding with VikingHolstein and...
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ProCROSS is a crossbreeding concept using Holstein, VikingRed and Montbeliarde breeds. ProCROSS is a breeding method managed by Coopex Montbéliarde and VikingGenetics. It’s the only scientifically proven crossbreeding program in the world.
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Hoof health matters



Customized index to suit your needs

Genomic testing

Test your females for reliable selection

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