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Solids, health and super udders

VJ Lesten is bred in the Birkelygaard herd in Gesten, Denmark, one of the most successful breeders of VikingJersey bulls...       

An exquisite International mix

He is a mix from France, North America and VikingGenetics. VH Ingolf is bred at the famous herd Anderstrup Holstein in Skoerping...       

Great fertility and health - VR Vendi

VR Vendi is a great production sire with average components. He is positive in all fertility and health traits.       

An expert in production with high protein - VJ Lari

VJ Lari breeds high protein production and percentage. He improves udder health and longevity.       

A bull from a rock solid family

VH Galbert is bred at Flemming Balle Jensens farm that is placed just outside Randers, also very close to the head office...       

A high component pedigree

The dam of Viper has an average of 9,805 kg milk with high components, 4.9 % fat and 4.0 % protein that means 11,310 kg ECM       
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