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New breeding values

Today we get new proofs and our web will be updated one of the next days       

VIKINGHOLSTEINS – much more than a Holstein

In January, VikingGenetics Holstein breed coordinator, Claus Langdahl, visited VikingGenetics Australia and held presentations...       

Vadsbo Mjölk - breeding for the invisible cow

Milking 1300 cows in organic milk production makes it important that your cows are working well. All cows that take extra...       

New EuroGenomics Cooperative drives progress in bovine breeding

Seven key players of the bovine genetic improvement have established a European cooperative aimed at exchanging genomic data...       

First calf born from Viking Genetics embryo project in Sweden!

The first calf from VikingGenetics embryo project in Sweden has now been born.       

Visit VikingGenetics and National show in Denmark

Welcome to Landsskuet in Herning - The biggest agricultural show in North Europe! add the dates to your calendar now and...       
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