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Protein percentage, health and good udders - VJ Luluk

VJ Luluk is out of the DJ Hulk daughter, “Hoeholt Hulk Hilda”, bred in the Hoeholt herd, owned by Morten Jensen, Denmark.       

The best polled VR sire at the moment - VR Nail P

VR Nail P breeds easy calvings, very good udder health and great longevity. Furthermore, he is positive in all health and...       

Top Red Holstein bull - VH BassRed

VH BassRed is, as the name indicates, a Red Holstein bull and has impressive +36 in gNTM on the Red and White Holstein index...       

Extreme udder improver - VJ Lobo     

VJ Lobo is out of “Tostenaes Hulk Montoya”, bred in the Tostenaes herd, owned by Jesper Oebo Johansen, Denmark.        

A VR Uudin son out of a different pedigree - VR Ultra

VR Ultra was born at Nötcenter Viken AB, Sweden. The dam, 3775 Bina, is an aver-age size cow, calving interval was 11 months...       

Visit VikingGenetics and Agromek

Welcome to Agromek in Denmark - The biggest joint agricultural show in North Europe! Add the dates to your calendar now and...       
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