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Polled Powerball from a strong family - VH Pogba P

This polled top bull is breed at Tirsvad Holstein in the middle of Denmark. Coming from a family with several good bulls.       

VikingNews 4-16 is online

The latest issue of our magazine VikingNews is now online.       

Excellence on top - VH Rozwell

VH Rozwell is what we call a modern type of Holstein. He will have average sized cows with super feet & legs and mammary...       

Much milk with high speed - VR Hilbert

VR Hilbert is an Embryo Transfer (ET) calf, a half sib to VR Fonseca and VR Fontain.       

One step ahead – Hoof health

The best daughter proven Holstein bull worldwide – VH Clark – is an excellent example. He is decreasing the frequency...       

VR Hattricks ranks number one

This time we got quite a bit reranking because of several changes in evaluation models. The drop in NTM is easiest to define,...       
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