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Sven Johnsson Joins Procross Team as new export sales manager

Sven Johnsson has joined the Procross team as Export Sales Manager and will have general oversight of several markets of...       

What if you select VikingHolstein on TPI?

In the Nordic countries, we consider the Nordic Total Merit (NTM) as the best breeding goal in the world. People around the...       

Smaakjaergaard owns something very special

VH Grafit cow no. 3170 from Smaakjærgård, is without any doubt the most successful cow in the whole VikingHolstein population.       

ABA Viking to market ProCROSS bull line-up

ProCROSS - the only three-way dairy crossbreeding programme in the world to be underpinned by independent research - will...       

VH Highway still in top with gNTM +45

The index run for August 2016 has now been published.       

VR Fenton #2 in Interbull evaluation

VR Fenton is now a daughter proven bull also in NAV evaluation. VR Fenton’s rank is number 2 in Interbull evaluation of...       
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