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Find the next top sires for your dairy herd

Browse through our selection of proven and genomic Holstein, Red, and Jersey bulls, and look at the availability of sexed semen, polled genetics, and A2A2 casein, among others. You can also filter bulls according to your breeding goals and management and production system, including:

  • Key traits
  • Robot milking
  • Grazing & organic systems
  • Crossbreeding

Want to be even more precise and find the perfect bull for your herd? Use the "Design your own bull" feature to make a custom search that matches you to the bull(s) that are best suited to your needs.

With its multiple sliders available for all economically important traits in NTM, you can find the bulls with the highest breeding values in the traits you want to improve, across four major areas:

  • Production & Efficiency
  • Health & Reproduction
  • Functional Traits
  • Conformation