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Nordic Total Merit Index

A powerful tool for dairy farmers

What is NTM?

We are always talking about NTM, Nordic Total Merit index. But what is NTM? What does it mean? What makes NTM one of the most progressive breeding value systems in the world? 

NTM is a combined index of different genetic traits that are heritable through mating bulls with cows. The purpose, of course, is to develop the cattle’s ‘genetic capital’ to achieve higher profitability and functionality of the herd by breeding new generations of cows with higher capability e.g. for milk production and resistance to diseases.

90 different sub-indices are combined into 15 main traits. That makes NTM the most complete total merit index in the world. A balanced breeding between production and health is what you get.

Traits included in NTM

Health & Reproduction traits

  • Udder health
  • Daughter fertility
  • General health
  • Hoof health
  • Calving (direct & maternal)
  • Youngstock survival
  • Longevity

Production & Efficiency traits

  • Production index
    • Milk kg
    • Protein kg
    • Fat kg
  • Growth
  • Saved feed

Conformation & workability traits

  • Udder conformation
  • Feet & legs
  • Milkability
  • Temperament
NTM weights

NTM is about money

With NTM you are always breeding for better productivity, better health and good functional conformation. Our breeding goal is to improve the health of cattle in each generation while increasing production as well. Healthy cows have a long lifespan (i.e. longevity) and cost less, therefore improving the profitability of the herd. The weights vary a bit between breeds.

NTM Unlocked

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Our guides

Download our complete guide for understanding NTM, our breeds and our breeding program. All 15 main traits in the Nordic Total Merit index are explained with simple examples and illustrations. Click on the links to download the PDF. 

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