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What's going on in
cattle breeding

Lactation persistency - a useful management tool

The way we feed our heifers matters

Breed Managers Round Table 08.2021

VikingRed in Argentina

VikingBeef August 2021 Proofs

Top VikingGenetics' Sires August 2021

NewVikings VikingRed August 2021

NewVikings VikingJersey August 2021

NewVikings VikingHolstein August 2021

Farmers are demanding a smaller cow

Beef On Dairy - ready to serve the market

Reduce the risk of ketosis with genetics

Nordic Holstein population with lower inbreeding

Crossbreeding can reduce methane gas emissions by around 6%

VikingHolstein in crossbreeding

Shallow udders and production

VikingGenetics joins the Global Climate Task Force

X-Vik farm results in focus

ProCROSS releases ranking index

Top Bulls May 2021

NewVikings VikingHolstein May 2021

NewVikings VikingRed May 2021

NewVikings VikingJersey May 2021

Feed efficiency takes a major step forward

X-Vik sexed semen accelerates genetic progress

Three large cattle breeding cooperatives in Europe intent to merge

“I am aware of the farmers’ struggles”

Innovative technology at your service

Breed for better udder health and stay profitable

New Zealand landscapes are changing colour with a dash of VikingRed

Reduced biological fitness can lead to a loss in profitability

VikingRed leading the green path with a new strategy

Do genomic breeding values work in practice?

VikingGenetics´ feed efficiency tech commended in prestigious award

Breed Managers’ Round Table

Henrik Biilmann leaves VikingGenetics

Proofleaders February 2021

NewVikings VikingHolstein February 2021

NewVikings VikingRed February 2021

NewVikings VikingJersey February 2021

What is the difference between polled and scurred?

Beef semen with Jerseys

From an internship to a dream come true

Sexed semen setting trends in cattle breeding

John Kelso appointed as our new Head of Distributor Sales

Focusing on polled genetics led to success

Polled bulls are on the rise

VikingRed is the leading Red breed

Meet Søren Borchersen, Chief R&D Officer of VikingGenetics

Leading AI companies in Europe join forces

Using sexed semen is an excellent way to optimise your herd’s performance

The November proof run has given us new #proofleaders for VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey.

The Saved feed index in the Nordic Total Merit Index now includes the breeding value for metabolic efficiency.

NewVikings November 2020 - VikingHolstein

NewVikings November 2020 - VikingRed

NewVikings November 2020 - VikingJersey

The Saved feed index is now part of the Nordic Total Merit Index

VikingGenetics´ employees engaged in the World Cleanup Day

Interbull confirms high genetic level for VikingGenetics' bulls

VikingRed is the dominant red breed in the world

Saved Feed adds more value to NTM

With the August proof run we reveal new and interesting bulls available in our line-up!

The August proof run has given us new #proofleaders for VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey.

NewVikings August 2020 - VikingHolstein

NewVikings August 2020 - VikingRed

Benefit from the naturally healthy VikingRed cows

“The effects of using a sexed semen strategy together with genomic testing obviously increases the genetic level in the herd”

By Peter Larson, Senior Breeding and Product Manager, VikingGenetics

VikingJersey – international master of udder health

Improve production and daughter fertility with VikingRed

VikingHolstein shows daughter proven bull power

By Lars Peter Sørensen and Hans Stålhammer, VikingGenetics

Good management practices can help avoid unhealthy cows.

By Veronica Löfgren

Breeding values for fertility can now be calculated in a different way and with more accurate information.


Hielke Wiersma is in charge of the development of our crossbreeding concepts as the new Product Manager for VikingCross.

Interbull numbers prove the superiority of VikingHolstein

People and Passion

“I always wanted to work keeping the animals healthy”

International daughter fertility trendsetter

We need to support farmers to cope with what the industry and final consumer are demanding from them.

The exclusive ProCROSS index

Poor fertility is one of the most common reasons for culling in dairy herds

ProCROSS Tour USA February 2020

Peter Larson followed his calling for the Jersey cows

Strategic alliances to strengthen VikingJersey

By Lars Peter Sørensen, Genetic Development Manager, VikingGenetics

Breeding for improved fertility for over 40 years

My vision is to make VikingRed even "greener"

By Claus Langdahl, Senior Holstein Breeding Manager

Bull dams in the spotlight

By Kasia Kupisiewicz, Project Manager R&D

No relevant correlation between progressive motility and field fertility

By Claus Langdahl, VikingHolstein Breeding Manager

We move fast, but are we moving too fast?

VikingGenetics' values and aims

ARLA accelerating the green transition

VikingGenetics and the Jersey Cattle Society UK sign a strategical agreement

By Claus Langdahl, Senior Breeding and Product Manager, VikingGenetics

VikingHolstein - master of udder health

By Jan Lassen, project manager R&D

Reduce carbon footprint by genetic selection

Three reasons why VikingGenetics breeding programme is innovative

Handle antimicrobials with care

Handle antimicrobials with care. We all have a role to play.

Viking On Tour event in Italy with an emphasis on our Hoof Health index

VikingJersey shine at annual herd competitions in South Africa

Viking On Tour at Härjanurme, Estonia

Through healthier cows you can achieve sustainable, effective and profitable production.

Saved Feed index released in the Nordics

Consider genetic diversity when planning the next generation of your dairy cows

By Ruth Bønløkke Davis and Anders Fogh, SEGES

Polled bulls are gaining popularity

Saved Feed index to be released in autumn 2019

Meet Erik Thompson, Sales Manager for VikingGenetics Australia

“I was doing something a little different to what the “main pack” was doing,” he recalls.

Sustainable genetics for the future

Total merit indexes – NTM vs. JPI

NTM is about money

By VikingDenmark

Viking sends semen, embryos, and Jersey heifers to Uganda

By Lars Nielsen, Head of Breeding VikingGenetics

Identifying genetic disorders with genomic testing

Genetics from VikingGenetics brings results in Estonia

“We always use a narrow spectrum of antibiotics"