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10 Aug 2021

NewVikings VikingHolstein August 2021

VH Norman

gNTM +37 

Navy x VH Brook x Nilson


Are you struggling with health issues in your herd? Do you prefer cows with lots of body strength and high production from better solids? Then VH Norman is the solution for you.

VH Norman is a super transmitter of high production from solids. His overall production index is 130 and that is due to the high index for Fat% (131) and Protein% (121).

VH Norman has a strong natural health profile with excellent Udder Health (120) and General Health (109).

You'll find the conformation on the VH Norman daughters appealing with lots of strength. They have a nicely balanced frame with Stature 110 and Chest width 118 and strongly attached udders with ideal teat size and placement.

VH Norman will ensure:

  • Excellent Udder health and General health
  • High production from solids
  • Nicely balanced daughters with strength in body and strongly attached udders

His sire, Navy, is a French-born Legendary son. His dam is a VH Brook daughter now in her second lactation. She has a yearly average production of 13,400 kg milk, 5.36 % fat and 4.07 % protein. An outstanding level for solids that are transmitted to VH Norman. She is classified VG89 in her second lactation.

Her dam is a Nilson daughter which is still producing and has an average production in 4.0 years of 13,600 kg milk and classified 83.

VH Norman is born at the herd of Kurt Oestergaard in Vamdrup, Denmark.

X-VIK semen is available.

Beta casein: A1/A2     Kappa casein: AA

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VH Norman

VH Dime RC

gNTM +34 

VH Don Red x VH Broback x VH Ponder


Is one of your everyday struggles udder health issues? Do you spent a lot of time and energy getting your cows bred back? Then VH Dime RC could be a good solution for you.

VH Dime RC breeds cows with excellent natural health and fertility. Udder health is good (119) and Female fertility is equally good (114).

He'll give you cows with a high daily profit and high lifetime production. He also breeds long-living cows (119) that are hard-working with a high production with a good amount of milk (111) and high solids resulting in many kilos of Fat (118) and Protein (118).

VH Dime breeds medium-sized cows with good feet and legs and functional udders with strong ligament and good udder dept.

As indicated in his name, he's a red carrier.

VH Dime RC gives you:

  • Natural health and fertility
  • High daily profit and high lifetime production
  • Medium-sized cows with functional conformation

The cow family behind is high producing and long-living. The VH Broback dam is in her second lactation and has an average yearly production at 11,500 kg milk with 4.42 % fat and 3.47 % protein.

Her dam is a VH Ponder (VH Peder x D Onside), still in the herd and in her fourth lactation. Her dam, a VH Bostrup daughter, gave 77,000 kg milk in her lifetime.

VH Dime RC is born at the Iskola Oy herd in Kalliosuo, Finland.

X-VIK sexed semen is available.

Beta casein: A1/A2     Kappa casein: AB

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VH Dime RC

VH Zinedin

gNTM +32

Zekon x Bandares x Balisto


Is your breeding strategy to get medium-sized Holstein cows with excellent health? Do you prefer easy managed cows that live long? Then VH Zinedin is a great start for you.

VH Zinedin daughters will create a lot of value in your herd. You'll get long-living cows (123) with a high production giving a good daily profit.

He'll give you excellent natural health with Udder health (105) General health (111) and Hoof health (108). He's also a reproduction improver — especially strong on Female fertility (113).

The VH Zinedin daughters will be medium-sized (stature 95) with strong feet and legs that are a bit cycled and nicely attached udders in good balance.

You'll get daughters that are easy to manage with good Milking speed (121) and calm temperament (104).

VH Zinedin will give you:

  • Easy managed long-living cows
  • Medium-sized cows
  • Natural health with strong hoof health and good female fertility

VH Zinedin originates from the international selection program in the VikingHolstein breeding scheme.

He's born in Germany and his dam is a Bandares (Yoder x Massey) daughter. Her dam is Sandy-Valley No Problem (Balisto x Numero Uno) from the US.

X-VIK sexed semen is available.

Beta casein: A1/A2     Kappa casein: BB

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VH Zinedin

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