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About us

Our passion is to help you as a farmer achieve your business goals, farm sustainably, and enjoy life.

Innovative Breeding

At VikingGenetics, we help feed the world’s expanding population and sustain the earth’s natural resources by breeding healthy, efficient, trouble-free cows.

We provide science-based bovine genetic products and solutions for progressive dairy and beef producers around the world.

Our passion is to help you as a farmer achieve your business goals, farm sustainably, and enjoy life.

Breeding for health and performance

In the Nordic countries, we have recorded the health and performance of VikingHolstein, VikingRed, VikingJersey, crossbreeds, and other breeds.

Farmers, veterinarians, hoof trimmers, and other industry experts have been committed to registering the performance of each cow.

This effort has improved the health, reproduction, milk production, feed efficiency, and longevity for all our breeds.

Today, we record over 800,000 cows annually in our Nordic data system, the most complete total merit index in the world.

More than 90 percent of the cows are part of the health and milk data recording.

Our Nordic data system gives you 90 traits of economic importance to succeed in your dairy and beef business.

Achieve an effective, sustainable and profitable production

We constantly create new solutions to meet the challenges of you as a dairy and beef farmer. Our innovations are based on scientific data and facts with the purpose of improving your everyday life and business. Through healthier cows you can achieve effective, sustainable and profitable production.

Highest lifetime production per cow

At VikingGenetics, we turn big data into accurate and reliable breeding programmes.

With data and science-driven genetics, you get the lowest use of antibiotics and hormones and the highest lifetime production per cow.

You get breeds that live long and last long, making your dairy business profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable.

innovators in cattle breeding

Long-term relationships with farmers

As a co-operative, VikingGenetics is owned by 16,000 dairy and beef farmers in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

We focus on animal welfare, food security, and reducing climate impact in our entire production chain.

We partner with universities, research organisations, and experts worldwide to provide you with the tools and technology to select the best bulls.

With our solutions, you can continuously improve the genetic gain for each generation of your herd.

Our results are rooted in the long-term relationships with our farmers and the close link between research and implementation.

Our commitment is to lead the dairy and beef industry in finding solutions to lower methane emissions and breed long-lasting, climate-friendly cows.

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