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Organic dairy farming calls for even healthier cows

Boost the health and longevity of your organic dairy herd. Select the best bulls for better sustainability long-term. Explore the innovative breeding solutions available to you as an organic farmer.

Healthy, resilient cows for organic dairy farming

How much do you spend on a sick cow in your herd? What could you gain by reducing the days wasted on treatment, zero production and vet bills?

Organic dairy farming is a growing trend around the world—especially in the West. If you've already joined the movement, you've experienced the potential of a more sustainable lifestyle and higher milk prices.

But if you want organic farming to be successful, it calls for a healthy herd. Sick organic cows are often more time consuming and costly to treat because they need to be taken out of production for more days. Depending on where you live, you may also face restrictions on the use of antibiotics.

Do your cows spend a lot of time grazing and exercising outdoor? Then hoof health, udder health and resilience becomes even more important. You want cows that live long and last long, making your business healthy, sustainable and profitable.

What breeds can I choose for organic dairy farming?

At VikingGenetics, we've been breeding for health and production for decades.

Thanks to the efforts of farmers, veterinarians, AI-technicians and scientific researchers around the world, we have the most extensive data available to help you. This will help you make the best breeding decisions for your organic herd.

VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey have the lowest use of antibiotics in the world combined with the highest lifetime production. They are efficient, medium-sized cows equipped to walk long distances outdoor.

Our breeds are especially suitable for organic farming because of their high index scores in:

  • Hoof health
  • Udder health
  • General health
  • Fertility
  • Milk solids production.

Breeding solutions for organic dairy farmers

What are you breeding goals for your dairy herd?

In the Nordic Total Merit (NTM) index list, you'll find over 90 traits of economic importance.

Select a bull with a high score to match your breeding goals. See the results in your herd.

Would you like to achieve a higher breeding progress and further certain attributes in your cows?

Look at genomic testing and sexed semen to boost the efficiency and profitability of your herd.

How about ideally sized grazing cows with excellent fertility and a high production of milk and solids?

Check out our crossbreeding solutions VikingGoldenCross and ProCROSS which are becoming increasingly popular amongst organic farmers around the world.

Why is Saved Feed important in organic farming?

Studies show that up to 88% of the variable costs on your dairy farm relates to feed. Thus, breeding for improved feed efficiency is even more crucial in organic farming. 

By using our Saved Feed index, you can select a bull with a high feed efficiency score and reduce your feed costs. Another benefit of Saved Feed is the potential lower methane emission and climate impact.

When you invest in healthy, feed-efficient genetics, it impacts the bottom line of your farm in the years to come. 

Would you like guidance on your breeding plan and bull selection?

Contact our breeding advisors

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