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Mating plan

Use VikMate to optimise the genetic level of your herd. Manage inbreeding, keep track of your breeding strategy and boost the profit of your farm. Are you ready to create the ideal type of cow for your farm?

Optimise your mating plan online

Are you in doubt which sires to use in your herd? Will mating bring the expected genetic progress? Are you tired of messy spreadsheets and loads of figures you need to go through each time you need to make the mating plan for your herd?

VikMate is our web-based herd improvement program that helps you make the best decisions for success of your dairy operation. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and a wide range of features you can easily tailor matings to your herd’s unique goals.


  • Evaluates more than 40 different traits on each animal
  • Controls inbreeding up to 6 generations
  • Makes your sire list according to the doses you have in storage
  • Is completely web-based – no special program installation is needed

Rely on VikMate to optimise the genetic level, improve efficiency, and ensure uniformity of your herd.

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Keep track of the genetic strategy in your herd

Breed the most healthy and productive cows for the next generation and categorise your females into different breeding strategies.

In VikMate you can define priority traits based on your breeding strategy and the program makes the mating plan to produce the ideal type of cow for your farm. Select the high genetic merit bulls to match the heifer or cow's strengths and weaknesses.

Key features

  • Uses centrally controlled sire database which includes all possible bulls within Interbull
  • Optimal use of genomic test results - easy to access and use
  • Breeding strategy and optimal use of Sexed semen and Beef
  • Mating plan based on your individual breeding goals both for the herd and for the individual cow
  • Overview of the genetic progress delivered by each mating
  • Information about genetic recessives

VikMate provides mating suggestions and shows complete forecasting of the genetic progress in your herd.

You can also set up a maximum inbreeding level for offspring, specify minimum requirements for sires and offspring, and much more.

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