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Meet our valued

Choosing trouble-free cows

Herd of the Year Sweden 2023 - Ängesbäckens Lantbruk

Spreading the word of Nordic breeding

Herd of the Year Finland 2023 - Ahlvik Gård

Healthy crossbreds, resilient bottom line

Top milk solids from top crossbred cows

The rewards of genomic testing

High NTM: the key to all-round success

From incidental to award-winning Jersey

The shortcut to crossbreeding

Taking the first steps

The courage to switch to ProCROSS

Betting on red cows

Versatile, profitable crossbreeding

The rewards of crossbreeding

Tackling inbreeding for good

Bouncing back better

Crossbreeding boosts production

Nordic quality is crucial for Kenyan dairy breeder

Changing course for health and sustainability

Making a lasting impression

Switching to the breed of the future

Making life easier

Herd of the Year Sweden 2022 – Salltorp Lantbruk

The solution to your bobby calf troubles

An easygoing life with VikingJersey

Reaping the benefits of VikingJersey

Improved production and health with VikingHolstein

Improving profitability and quality of life

Efficient cows with VikingGoldenCross

Boost to crossbreeding

Herd of the Year Finland 2022 – Iskola Farm

An easier life with ProCROSS

Robots and sustainable cows

A dream of Jersey cows

Persistency joins consistency

VH Saade – A safe Holstein bull for heifers

VikingJersey solves a health problem

Breeding the invisible cow

VikingJersey crossbreds for fertility

Easy to manage VikingJersey herd in New Zealand

Robust and fertile ProCROSS cows for organic system

Reduced breeding costs with ProCROSS

ProCROSS cows – easy to work with

High production and suitable udders

Slashing carbon footprint

Higher profit margins with ProCROSS cows

Results with VikingHolstein

Organic farming with VikingRed is a success

VikingJersey secured a productive herd in New Zealand

Top production herd lifts profits with VikingRed

Consistent high yield with a 100% ProCROSS herd

Ola Gård – healthy and efficient organic herd

Health advantages obvious from birth

Robust ProCROSS cows give higher lifetime production

Herd of the Year Finland - Kotirinne Farm

NTM – shaping a strong herd at Bockerud Norstugan in Sweden

Better health and profit with ProCROSS

VikingGoldenCross transforms farm profits

A free lunch… scientifically speaking

When you are genuinely interested, it doesn´t feel like work

Peter is the 10th generation at Nørupgaard

Good times never seemed so good

“Same good reproduction results with X-Vik™ sexed semen”

Upgrading the herd with progressive genetics from VikingJersey

A fresh look at frozen semen

Nørregaard farm - a pioneer in ProCROSS

Longevity breeds long-term success

Quality over quantity

“We achieve an 88% gender purity rate.”

VH Brook is a success in Tweefontein Holstein herd

Following the golden pathway to success

“Same good reproduction results with X-Vik sexed semen”

“I've never had so few problems with calving"

Genetics and animal welfare in focus

Sexed semen cements the success of block-calving ProCROSS herd

“We improve our herd with X-Vik sexed semen”

“We achieved 70% in-calf rate”

“Sexed semen is a corner stone in our breeding strategy”

“We have had very good results with the conception rate of X-Vik”

“We are able to keep our empty rate at 10%”

“Our conception rates have been excellent with X-Vik semen”

Everything works well with VikingRed

“The conception rates with X-Vik are at the same level as conventional”

'Not in Calf' rates are significantly better

The VikingRed is the ideal cross

No more fertility problems at Longford Farm

VikingRed as third breed for profitable business

Tremendous results from high-quality milk

Organic and efficient with ProCROSS

The right cow for the system is lifting farm profits

Super Mario from Denmark

Bringing colour to the pastures of Northern Ireland

VikingRed delivers results in Colombia

They handle the weather extremes better than any other breed I have milked

“We have now ended up with a cow that is looking after us like I wanted it to”

“We are happy with the results. It's working well and proving successful for us"

"Our planet is facing a climate challenge. Dairy farming has the opportunity to help solve this challenge"

“I see a great value in including the saved feed index into the breeding goal"

"This scenario equates to a very profitable cow: lower input, higher output"

"We are very excited to start to do the ProCROSS programme"

What started as an “accident”, became a success

“We were facing problems that were jeopardising the efficiency of the whole operation”

The hybrid vigour and the slightly more robust cow will be of great benefit for us

The owners of TriCross Dairy in California, USA, Tom Koolhaas and Wes Bylsma have 5,000 dairy cows

Gert Glob Lassen and his wife Anne are passionate organic milk producers using ProCROSS cows

“We feel the VikingGenetics breeding programme has just the right balance"

Sustainability is running a profitable business while safeguarding the environment

"My only regret is that I didn't adopt the ProCROSS system sooner"

"VikingGenetics cows simply do a better job"

The vet has been here only three times in 10 years

Sexed semen driving a successful breeding strategy at Havdal Jersey Farm

Knutby Prästgård was named 2020 Herd of the Year in Sweden

The Reynolds' switch to VikingRed has set their profits, their cheese and their lifestyle on to an upward path

We’d get what we asked for, so we’ve come to the point where we’re using VikingGenetics exclusively

We’re getting a lot more milk

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