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“Same good reproduction results with X-Vik™ sexed semen”

“I have used sexed semen since VikingGenetics started the production of X-Vik™ and I have never had reason to doubt its quality. We stopped using conventional Jersey semen last year and now only use VikingJersey X-Vik semen and achieve the same good reproduction results.

The use of sexed semen is fully implemented in our herd, with 100% X-Vik use in our Jersey inseminations. By applying X-Vik to the top 35% of females, this gives us an even higher level of females in the next generation in the herd and enough heifers for replacement. That is why we currently use 65% beef semen on the cows.

The use of sexed semen has therefore given me the opportunity to increase the quality of both calves for replacement, calves for sale and calves for final fattening, respectively.

We cannot go without the extra selection and genetic progress that we achieve by using X-Vik on our best females. With genomic selection and X-Vik, we identify the good uniform females with a high genetic level to breed the next generation of cows.”

Bent Olesen, Denmark

450 VikingJersey cows

Bent Olesen is the fifth-generation dairy farmer in Alstrup farm close to Brønderslev, Denmark with 450 VikingJersey cows. Bent Olesen is also the chairman of Danish Jersey and VikingJersey and a member of the Board of Representatives of Viking Denmark.

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