In the Nordic countries, we have the healthiest cows with highest milk production, and lowest use of antibiotics and hormones in the world. Our latest challenge is to lead  the dairy industry in finding solutions to lower the methane emissions in cattle breeding. 

Pioneers and innovators in breeding for health

VikingGenetics has always been a pioneer in cattle breeding. We have always placed health in a balanced focus with production traits in our breeding programmes for all our breeds. We have known that breeding for health is possible since the 1980's, when others didn't. Our breeding is based on extensive, real-life data from the Nordic dairy farmers. Thanks to this unique registration system we are able to provide dairymen around the world with the most accurate science-based breeding values. The pioneer spirit keeps on leading our endeavours in modern cattle breeding with our firm focus on health traits and sustainability.  

Cattle breeding has very strong roots in the Nordics. Our farmers appreciate their animals and they are not treated just as numbers, but as important 'co-workers' of the farmers. Our farmers are very proud to breed the best cows in the world. For decades, the dairy farmers in the Nordic countries have had a strong commitment in registering the performance of their cows. This has enabled us to create the unique registration system combining all data from Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Today, there are over 900,000 animals' health and production records in our big data. 

Before the year 1980, the Nordics had a Production Index, Calving Index, Daughter fertility Index, Udder Index and Milkability Index. By 1982, the Nordic Total Merit (NTM) included a Mastitis Resistance index. In 1987, General Health index included referred to metabolic and reproduction diseases was included in the NTM. By 2005, Longevity Index and stillbirth were included in the calving index increasing the accuracy of this index. In 2011, the first Hoof Health index was launched backed up by more than six million data registrations from hoof trimmers. A unique index for young stock survival was launched in 2016, and in 2019 we are introducing the most reliable Saved Feed index in the world.

It takes innovation to turn big data into real-life solutions. 

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Supporters of a sustainable world

Farmers carry the weight the world on their shoulders. They really do, as without farmers, there’s no food at our tables. Farmers are the hidden heroes. We strive to make the life of dairy farmers easier by providing world-class genetic solutions. We help farmers overcome challenges driven by government regulations, consumer demands, and the increasing pressure of being a competitive and profitable dairy farmer. 

We are committed to a sustainable breeding goalThrough our everyday efforts, we want to contribute in making the daily life better for the dairy farmers. For us, sustainability works in many levels; climate-friendly food production, better profit and life for the farmers, caring for animal welfare, the longevity of the dairy industry as a whole. That is what sustainability means to us.  

The world has put dairy farmers and cows under a magnifying glass. How our food is being produced has never been under so much scrutiny from governments, media and consumers. We are providing genetic solutions for dairy farmers to succeed with the demands of sustainable dairy farming. Our new Saved Feed Index is a tool to breed climate-friendly cows with reduced methane emissions.

 To be successful in developing an index like this, We are gathering big data and doing vast research with modern technology to make the index reliable and trustworthy. We don't believe in indicator traits, we always measure the actual performance. 

Furthermore, to create competitive and sustainable cows, genetic diversity is an important factor in keeping the animal populations healthy and sustainable. Inbreeding is a serious issue causing additional costs and troubles for the dairy farmers. At VikingGenetics, we use a program called EVA (Evolutionary Algorithm) and cutting-edge tools to guarantee genetic diversity and have, at the same time, maximum genetic progress.

Dairy cows are the solution, not the threat.

Invisible cows at work

The perfect cow is easy-going, productive, healthy and fertile. The type of cow that will last long in the herd and don’t require too much of attention thanks to successful breeding with excellent genetic material, and optimal management. VikingGenetics’ cows might be invisible, but their impact to your profitability surely isn’t. 

Nordic cows are naturally healthy without the use of unnecessary antibiotics and hormones. In the Nordics we have the lowest usage of antibiotics in the world for dairy cattle. With our genetics, farmers can build-up their herd’s natural defence against diseases without a hassle by choosing VikingGenetics’ sires. 

It is easy and simple as that. 

VikingHolstein sires' daughters are medium-sized cows with great production capacity. You will also improve health and reproduction traits, without compromising on production.

VikingJersey cows are effective when it comes to transforming feed into milk. VikingJerseys have good fertility, strong feet, good udders, high longevity and good milk production.

VikingRed cows are well known for their extraordinary health, easy calvings, excellent fertility, functional conformation and great production.

It takes innovation to breed them invisible.

Why is sustainability so important?