Farmers carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. They really do, for without farmers, there would be no food on our tables. Farmers are the unsung heroes. We strive to make the life of dairy farmers easier by providing world-class genetic solutions. We help farmers overcome challenges driven by government regulations, consumer demands and the increasing pressure of being a competitive and profitable dairy farmer. 

We are committed to a sustainable breeding goal. Through our everyday efforts, we want to contribute in making daily life better for dairy farmers. For us, sustainability works on many levels; environment-friendly food production, higher profits and quality of life for farmers, caring for animal welfare, the longevity of the dairy industry as a whole. That is what sustainability means to us.

The world has put dairy farmers and cows under the magnifying glass. How our food is being produced has never been under so much scrutiny from governments, media and consumers. We are providing genetic solutions for dairy farmers to succeed in the face of demands for sustainable dairy farming. Our new Saved Feed Index is a tool to breed climate-friendly cows with reduced methane emissions.

To be successful in developing an index like this, we are collating big data and doing vast research with modern technology to make the index reliable and trustworthy. We don't believe in indicator traits, we always measure actual performance.

What’s more, to create competitive and sustainable cows, genetic diversity is an important factor in keeping animal populations healthy and sustainable. Inbreeding is a serious issue causing additional costs and headaches for dairy farmers. At VikingGenetics, we use a programme called EVA (Evolutionary Algorithm) and cutting-edge tools to guarantee genetic diversity and at the same time, achieve maximum genetic progress.


Our Commitment to Sustainability 

We are dedicated to sustainable development as a whole. From the bull barn, to R&D, to breeding and sales, all our employees strive towards our sustainable breeding goal.

We are a responsible and dedicated team to find solutions for  dairy farmer challenges. We are incredibly passionate about all steps in the production chain, from taking care of a young bull calf to the final delivery of a semen straw. While all our operations are based on science, we are also very service-driven when it comes to our customers and business partners. We aspire to create great solutions for our customers, and want to support our customers in the best way possible when using those solutions to improve their business. 


“For decades, the rest of the world has focused intensively on high production and conformation while the Nordic countries were balancing focus on improving health and production. Today we have the highest genetic level in health, the lowest use of antibiotics and are top when it comes to production, thanks to a long tradition in breeding for health.”

Claus Langdahl, Product Manager, VikingHolstein 

“Climate-friendly milk production must look for high feed efficiency on a herd level. We have just launched a Saved Feed Index and we are doing continuous research on best tools for the farmers; reduced methane emission from genetic selection and contributing in implementing precision livestock farming. This is done both to take advantage of information on input and output in daily management and in selection.”

Jan Lassen, Project Manager R&D 

"We keep sustainability and innovation in focus when we are selecting the best partners to work with worldwide, and we are happy to offer dairy farmers no matter where they are in the world, premium genetic material able to breed for cows that can be profitable in the light of climate change challenges."

Sara Wiklert Petersson, Chief Sales Officer 

"We are happy to find and develop talented people working in the different areas of our company.  They are producing, creating, researching, managing or selling tools and solutions hand in hand with what dairy farmers expect from a professional, responsible, sustainable and innovative company.”

Pia Maach-Moller, Chief HR Officer

“We have strict legislation in the Nordic countries regarding animal welfare, that ensures we are professional and conscientious in our everyday work. We take special care of each and every bull in the barn and act responsibly in our production process.” 

Peter Areholm, Barn worker

“Dairy farmers are facing various threats in today´s world, and we are committed not only to offering them optimal solutions to meet those challenges but also to inform society, consumers and other sectors in general, about the importance of dairy farmers and the tremendous contribution they make every day towards a more sustainable world."

Johanna Vuori, Digital Marketer