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Available beef bulls

Use beef genetics on your lower-ranking dairy cows for the highest return on investment. Breed healthy, fast-growing calves with optimal carcass value. Get better animal welfare and reduce climate impact with Beef on Dairy.

Recommended Beef on Dairy -bulls

Breed Name Bull status Sexed semen NBDI
Angus VB Abedeen Partly Proven Y-Vik/ X-Vik -1
Angus VB Attack Partly Proven   1
Angus VB Redbuck Partly Proven Y-Vik/X-Vik  
Angus VB Robert Young Sire    
Angus VB Ramses Young Sire    
Angus VB Straus Young Sire    
Angus VB Baloo Partly Proven    
Blonde D'Aquitaine  VB Rune P Young sire    
Blonde D'Aquitaine  VB SebasPP Young sire Y-Vik  
Charolais VB Onero Proven   13
Charolais VB Pagh PP Proven Y-Vik 25
Charolais VB Pharmer Proven Y-Vik/ X-Vik 14
Charolais VB Paulus Proven   16
Charolais VB Roy Young Sire    
Charolais VB SigurPP Young Sire    
Charolais VB Sune P Young Sire    
Charolais VB Scot PP Young Sire    
Danish Blue VB Maskot Proven   23
Danish Blue VB Nick Proven   14
Danish Blue VB Nille Proven Y-Vik 30
Danish Blue VB Picasso Proven Y-Vik 15
Danish Blue VB Rikko Partly Proven Y-Vik  
Danish Blue VB Rolf Partly Proven    
Danish Blue VB Rold Partly Proven    
Danish Blue VB Royal Partly Proven    
Hereford VB Wandil Partly Proven    
Hereford VB TitusPP Young Sire    
Limousin VB Odd Proven Y-Vik/ X-Vik 10
Limousin VB Sire P Young Sire    
Simmental VB Chaplin Partly Proven Y-Vik/ X-Vik  

Please contact us or your local distributor to findout the availability, it may vary depending on the market area.

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