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“We achieved 69% pregnancy rate”

“In our last joining, we conducted a 12-day CIDR synchronised program on 44 heifers and achieved a 69% pregnancy rate with the first insemination.

We also inseminated 81 cows to X-Vik semen. They were open for 40 days and were inseminated in response to natural heats. We achieved 50% pregnancy with a single service which was particularly pleasing when considering the cow group has an average age of 50 months.

Within both of these programs, there were purebred Holsteins, purebred Jersey, and purebred Reds. The X-Vik semen from VikingGenetics was consistent across the three breeds.

I am very happy with the results from X-Vik semen and will not hesitate to use it again.”

Leigh (Skeeta) Verhey, Australia
370 cows