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9 Nov 2023 - November Proofs 2023

The Best VikingHolstein Sires

VH Shuba P

gNTM +38 genomic

(VH SlyPPRC x VH Phil P x VH Salty)

Do you want to boost the health of your herd and the quality of your milk? VH Shuba P is your new premier choice.

VH Shuba P stands out with a comprehensive health profile. He specialises in fertility, udder health, and youngstock survival and will improve the overall health of your herd.

His remarkable yield index promises good levels of milk and high components. His daughters will be medium-sized cows with excellent feet & legs and well-structured udders, equipped with strong ligaments and ideally sized and placed teats.

VH Shuba P's makes your cows more profitable and sustainable thanks to good longevity and superior feed efficiency. As a bonus, 50% of his offspring will be polled, reducing the need for dehorning.

VH Shuba P gives you:

  • Higher levels of fat and protein in the milk.
  • Healthy and feed-efficient cows with good longevity
  • 50% polled offspring

The dam of VH Shuba P is now in her second lactation and pregnant again with her third calf. She has impressive production figures, averaging 10,000 kg of milk and high solids levels: 4.7% fat and 3.8% protein. In her first lactation, she was classified 87 overall and 89 on udders. His maternal granddam, sired by VH Salty, is close to finishing her fourth lactation and averages 10,900 kg with 3.8 % fat and 3.6 % protein.

VH Shuba P is bred in the herd of Vagn Kristensen, Denmark, and is also one of our November 2023 NewVikings.

Beta casein: A2A2      Kappa casein: BB

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Proofleaders The Best VikingHolstein Sires VH Shuba P

VH Ramsey

NTM +19 proven

(VH River x Penley x Fanatic)

Are you looking for a proven bull with an all-round, easy-to-use profile? Have a look at VH Ramsey.

VH Ramsey will boost your cows’ production, increasing their milk volume and solids levels. His daughters are healthy and fertile, with good health overall – udder, hoof, and general health. As a bonus, he helps cut costs and boost profits, thanks to good feed efficiency and longevity.

VH Ramsey’s daughters are medium-sized cows with strong feet and legs and nice and functional udders, with good fore udder attachment and ideal teat size. They are also easy to handle and have a lovely temperament.

VH Ramsey has close to 8000 daughters in production and very high reliability in his proofs.

VH Ramsey provides:

  • Good production
  • Improved udder health and fertility
  • Long-living, profitable cows

VH Ramsey's dam is in her fifth lactation and averages 16,500 kg of milk with 3.9% fat and 3.4% protein - over 1,200 kg of solids. She was classified 87-86-85-VG87 during her second lactation.

VH Ramsey comes from Anton Hammershøj’s herd in Hobro, Denmark.

Beta Casein: A1A2     Kappa Casein: BB

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Proofleaders The Best VikingHolstein Sires VH Ramsey

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