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7 Nov 2023 - November Proofs 2023

The best new VikingHolstein sires

VH Shuba P

gNTM +38

(VH SlyPPRC x VH Phil P x VH Salty)

Do you want to boost the health of your herd and the quality of your milk? VH Shuba P is your new premier choice.

VH Shuba P stands out with a comprehensive health profile. He specialises in fertility, udder health, and youngstock survival and will improve the overall health of your herd.

His remarkable yield index promises good levels of milk and high components. His daughters will be medium-sized cows with excellent feet & legs and well-structured udders, equipped with strong ligaments and ideally sized and placed teats.

VH Shuba P's also makes your cows more profitable and sustainable, thanks to good longevity and superior feed efficiency. As a bonus, 50% of his offspring will be polled, reducing the need for dehorning.

VH Shuba P gives you:

  • Higher levels of fat and protein in the milk.
  • Healthy and feed-efficient cows with good longevity
  • 50% polled offspring

The dam of VH Shuba P is now in her second lactation and pregnant again with her third calf. She has impressive production figures, averaging 10,000 kg of milk and high solids levels: 4.7% fat and 3.8% protein. In her first lactation, she was classified 87 overall and 89 on udders. His maternal granddam, sired by VH Salty, is close to finishing her fourth lactation and averages 10,900 kg with 3.8 % fat and 3.6 % protein.

Bred in the herd of Vagn Kristensen in Denmark, VH Shuba P is also our genomic VikingHolstein proofleader for November 2023.

Beta casein: A2A2            Kappa casein: BB

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VH Shuba P NewVikings VikingHolstein bulls sire

VH Lavamat

gNTM +34

(VH Laprice x VH MarkosP x VH Solaris)

Is your goal to improve the hoof health and overall well-being of your dairy herd? VH Lavamat is an exceptional choice for this.

VH Lavamat’s high yield index promises higher milk yield and solids levels, giving you many kgs of fat and protein.

His high indexes in hoof health, easy calvings and longevity mean he has a solid health profile. His daughters benefit from strong feet and legs and robot-friendly udders in good balance with good teat size and correct placement. The cows are also easy to handle, with good milkability and a lovely temperament.

Choose VH Lavamat if you want:

  • High production
  • Strong feet and legs and improved hoof health
  • Robot-friendly cows

VH Lavamat comes from a long line of high-producing cows. His dam is now at the end of her first lactation, where she produced 10,500 kgs of milk with 4.7 % fat and 3.8 % protein, more than 900 kgs of fat and protein. She is classified 84.

His maternal granddam is starting her fifth lactation and has an impressive average production of 17,500 kgs of milk, with 3.6 % fat and 3.3 % protein – that’s over 1200 kgs of fat and protein annually!

His maternal great-granddam is now dried off and waiting for her eighth calf. Her lifetime production, so far, is 95,000 kgs of milk.

VH Lavamat comes from the herd of Gitte and Bjarne Hvelplund in Denmark.

Beta casein: A2A2            Kappa casein: AA

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VH Lavamat NewVikings VikingHolstein bulls sire

VH Hambor

gNTM +31

(VH Hjalte x VH Ranger x VH Bradoc)

Do you need an easy-to-use sire with a versatile profile of many strengths? Look no further than VH Hambor.

VH Hambor breeds for medium-sized cows with good feet and legs and strongly attached, shallow and balanced udders with good teats, both in size and placement.

His daughters produce high solids levels, giving you many kgs of fat and protein. They are also long-lasting cows with good fertility, easy calvings, and good general health. Their temperament is lovely, and they have good milkability.

As a whole, this makes VH Hambor an excellent choice if you’re milking cows in an automatic system.

VH Hambor breeds for:

  • High solids production
  • Ideal cows for automatic milking systems
  • Very good udder conformation

VH Hambor comes from a line of high-producing cows. His dam is currently in her second lactation and averages 12,600 kgs of milk per year with 4.5% fat and 3.8% protein. His maternal granddam produces 11,700 kgs of milk, rich in solids at 4.6% fat and 4.0% protein. Lastly, the maternal great granddam, 13,400 kgs of milk with 4,2 % fat and 3,6 % protein. All three generations produce over 1000 kgs of fat and protein per year.

VH Hambor is born in the herd of Morten Bo Larsen, Denmark.

Beta casein: A2A2            Kappa casein: AB

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VH Stinger NewVikings VikingHolstein bulls sire

VikingHolstein - Meet The New Top Sires

Join Product Manager Hanna Driscoll at the bull barn in Denmark as she introduces the newest top sires from VikingHolstein.

💎 VH Shuba P gNTM +38

💎 VH Lavamat gNTM +34

💎 VH Hambor gNTM +31

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