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11 Jun 2024

Barn Construction Update #2

The construction of our new bull barns in Denmark is advancing rapidly and smoothly. Barn 6's main structure is now in place, and roofing installation is in progress. Earthworks for Barn 7 have also been completed.

Since our last update, Barn 6’s construction has progressed rapidly. The steel trusses were installed nearly two weeks ago, and the roofing is now in place on one side of the building. The ceiling will be mounted before the summer holidays.

Elements are also being installed for the new barn staff building, and the fixture posts will be delivered soon. 

Across from Barn 6, earthworks for Barn 7 have been completed, and the perimeter foundations have also been poured. The steel trusses will be installed in week 27, the first week of July.

We're thrilled with the progress and look forward to the barns' completion this autumn.

Stay tuned for the next update in July, as we will celebrate the completion of the roofing and brief you on additional details of the construction.

Assentoft Barn Construction

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