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8 Aug 2023 - NewVikings August 2023

The best new VikingRed sires

VR Ulvar

gNTM +29

(VR Uppura x VR Vimo x VR Fonseca)

Are you aiming for more milk in the tank from trouble-free cows with good udders? Then look no further than VR Ulvar.

VR Ulvar offers excellent udder health, giving his daughters great mastitis resistance. His daughters will also have exceptional production of milk and solids.

With a well-known bloodline and traits that farmers around the globe are looking for, he has all the opportunities to become the next VikingRed superstar.

Choose VR Ulvar for:

  • More kilos of milk, fat and protein in the tank
  • Excellent udder health
  • Good udders with good attachment

VR Ulvar was bred in Thomas and Sterner Hansson’s herd in Sweden. His dam is in her first lactation, producing 775 kg of fat and protein, and is also the dam of VR Wasp. The granddam averaged 959 kg of fat and protein in her four lactations and peaked with 12,000 kg of milk during her third lactation.

Beta casein: A1A2      Kappa casein: AA

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VR Ulvar New sires VikingRed NewVikings

VR Holmes

gNTM +25

(VR Honborg x VR Vertop x VR Hjusticia)

Do you want to enhance your herd's fertility, improve overall health, and maintain high production levels? VR Holmes is the bull you need.

VR Holmes offers high milk production supported by enhanced feed efficiency, giving you efficient and profitable production. Additionally, thanks to his lineage of long-living ancestors with excellent overall health, his daughters will be in your herd for a long time.

The cows also benefit from optimal fertility rates and exceptional calving ability. They have an ideal average size, with excellent parallel feet and legs, guaranteeing great mobility and structural soundness.

Use VR Holmes to:

  • Unlock fertility potential
  • Improve overall health
  • Maintain high production

VR Holmes comes from Matti and Päivi Takkunen's herd in Finland. His dam is in her second lactation and has produced over 10,000 kg of milk with 915 kg of fat and protein over two years. His grand dam, currently in her fourth lactation, has achieved remarkable milk solids content, with 4.30% protein and 5.33% fat.

Beta casein: A2A2      Kappa casein: AA

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VR Holmes New sires VikingRed NewVikings

VR Feather

gNTM +23

(VR Facit P x VR Bebob x VR Vixen)

Do you want calm, easy-to-manage cows with superb, healthy udders and excellent feet and legs? VR Feather will help you with that.

VR Feather breeds for excellent udder health, increased milk volume, and persistent production throughout lactation. The udders are optimally attached at the front and back and boast a desirable height.

You will get cows with superb feet and legs that are flawlessly parallel from behind. They showcase exceptional hock structure and, as a cherry on top, excellent hoof health.

His daughters have a calm temperament and an average size, making them easy to milk and manage. They also benefit from exceptional survival rates and maternal calvings.

VR Feather gives you cows with:

  • Exceptional udder conformation
  • Improved udder health
  • Increased milk volume

VR Feather was bred by Esko Nummi in Finland. His dam has excelled in her second lactation, achieving a remarkable classification of 80-87-87-86, while his grand dam produced almost 3,200 kg of fat and protein over four years.

Beta casein: A2A2      Kappa casein: BB

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VR Feather New sires VikingRed NewVikings

The Best New VikingRed Sires

Meet the new top VikingRed sires ❗ Join Senior Breeding Manager Peter Larson at the bull barn in Denmark as he introduces the NewVikings sires from VikingRed.

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