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14 Nov 2023 - People with Passion

“I want to highlight that we have the best red cows in the world.”

Camilla Rosman, Product Manager for VikingRed, has loved animals for as long as she can remember. Growing up in Västerås, Sweden, she has been close with horses since she was young.

Camilla’s first steps with cattle came when she was 19. She worked at a beef cattle station in Australia and later with dairy cattle when she returned home to Sweden.

Camilla recently returned to VikingGenetics after four years working in the poultry sector and has received a warm welcome back.

VikingGenetics is a lovely place to work at. I’ve been welcomed back with arms wide open. When I left in 2019, it wasn’t because I didn’t like the job but because it was an opportunity for me to try something different,” she says.

Camilla decided to take a break from cattle breeding after a management opportunity in the poultry sector came up.

“I have such great respect for the work that poultry growers do. Every minute counts toward the final result,” she says.

“Working in the poultry business was a great experience. I had the opportunity to be both a grower and a production advisor for other growers. I can take much of what I learned there and use it in this new step of my career,” she adds.

Camilla realised she missed the passion for cattle breeding, and when the opportunity to come back as Product Manager showed up, she took it.

Every single cow matters for a dairy farmer. As a dairy producer, you can directly impact your production with the right management and genetics,” she explains.

Camilla Rosman VikingRed VikingGenetics

VikingRed's bright future

Camilla is taking head-on the challenges of managing a VikingGenetics breeding programme.

“I am looking forward to showcasing and growing the benefits of VikingRed. I want to highlight that we have the best red cows in the world,” says Camilla with intent.

VikingReds are naturally healthy cows, which makes them future-proof and resilient. They boast excellent genetic levels for health traits and qualities that improve animal welfare.

“This will make it an excellent breed in the future, along with its good performance in saved feed and the Nordic focus on reducing the carbon footprint and methane emissions,” she explains.

“The red breed has a bright future, and my vision is that it will become the ‘natural choice’ for the next generation of dairy farmers,” she adds.

Camilla Rosman VikingRed VikingGenetics

Next on the agenda

As Product Manager for VikingRed, Camilla is responsible for the bull portfolio. She ensures the right bulls are purchased according to the breeding goal and that the demands from the home and export markets are met.

While VikingRed is popularly used for crossbreeding, especially in the ProCROSS and VikingGoldenCross, Camilla also wants to shine a light on its great utility as a pure breed, as she believes the best is yet to come for the red cow.

“We need to look at the bottom line as a whole. It’s not just about kilos of milk, it’s about all profit-driving traits: health, fertility, feed efficiency, and robustness, among others. The bottom line is ultimately the same as other breeds, but it's composed differently,” she explains.

There are large populations of Holstein cows all around the world. However, when it comes to red dairy cattle, the Nordic countries have the world’s best genetic levels.

VikingRed is an excellent choice for farmers aiming to adapt to more future-friendly farming. It helps cut veterinary and insemination costs, improve animal welfare, and adapt to tighter emission regulations, among other issues.

Camilla Rosman VikingRed VikingGenetics

Family & horses

Camilla also knows how best to wind down after a busy week. Outside of work, this breeding enthusiast loves horseback riding at her farm. In winter, Camilla can be found cross-country skiing and winter bathing.

Most of all, though, she enjoys and prioritises family life with her children and grandchildren. “My two sons have also dedicated their lives to farming, and my daughter is engaged to a farmer, so there is a lot of agriculture talk when we meet, which is lovely,” she says, laughing.

Camilla's passion for cattle breeding and dedication to animal welfare and future-friendly farming make her a prized member of the VikingGenetics team.

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Camilla Rosman VikingRed VikingGenetics
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