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31 May 2024

A new course for VikingGenetics USA

Announcing the onboarding of a new, USA-based team that will run our VikingGenetics USA subsidiary operations.

Last year, we launched our first daughter company in the Americas, VikingGenetics USA. This was part of our mission to continue growing the Nordic breeding philosophy worldwide and support farmers with more profitable, efficient cows that futureproof their businesses.

Since then, we have been hard at work finding the right partners and avenues to provide one of the world’s top markets with our innovative genetics and solutions. To continue building on this and maximise business potential, we are proud to say that we will expand the scale of our operations by onboarding a USA-based team.

“Historically, the USA has been one of our top-performing markets, and we aim to grow even further, knowing well that it is also the most competitive. The great potential of the market and the scale of business in North America demand an expanded team focused on building relationships and sharing knowledge between American and Nordic farmers,” explains our CEO, Louise Helmer. 

This new team will operate through a combination of direct and distributor sales that facilitate American dairy farmers' accessibility to Nordic genetics. They will also focus on developing synergies and efficiencies with our American distribution partners, including our VikingJersey exclusivity agreement with JLG Custom Services.

VikingGenetics USA

A dedicated American team

Through their expert knowledge of the USA’s dairy industry, the team will offer tailored support, breeding advice, and custom mating plans. This will make it easier for American farmers to include our world-class outcross VikingHolstein, VikingRed, and VikingJersey bulls in their breeding strategies.

Frank C. Feder, Country Manager USA, is a business and sales specialist from Las Vegas, Nevada. With over a decade of sales experience, he has assisted multiple European companies in launching and expanding commercial sales organisations in North America. In his own words, Frank is a people person who is passionate about connecting with customers and supporting them by paying detailed attention to their needs.

“I look forward to building bridges between VikingGenetics and American dairy farmers and finding high-value opportunities in the USA for Nordic cattle breeders,” says Frank.

Wayne Woods, Sales Manager, has had a lifelong passion for cattle breeding. Growing up on a family farm in Oregon, he was involved with the farm’s grazing Jersey herd from a young age, which provided milk to the Tillamook County Creamery Association — and ultimately served on its Board of Directors. In 2000, he received the Young Breeder Award from the American Jersey Cattle Association due to his role in the genetic recovery of American Jerseys by breeding many well-known cow families.

“I am excited to take the first steps with VikingGenetics USA and help American farmers breed more healthy, profitable cows with VikingJersey genetics,” says Wayne.

Ryan Sevy, Sales Manager, is a lifelong dairy farmer and crossbreeding expert. He grew up on his family’s 2000-acre dairy farm, Sevy Dairy, near Marsing, Idaho. After the herd transitioned from Holstein cows to ProCROSS in 2004, Ryan became an advocate for the concept. He is passionate about sharing the proven benefits of crossbreeding and strives to aid fellow farmers in breeding healthier, long-living cows with high milk and solids production.

Building trust and sharing knowledge

The USA has a major influence on the global dairy market and is often the epicentre of trends and innovations in cattle breeding. The new team will give VikingGenetics more knowledge-sharing opportunities with some of the world’s top dairy farmers, researchers, and industry bodies.

“The USA team has the complete backing of our farmers in their mission to spread the fruits of Nordic cattle breeding and healthy, profitable genetics. By making VikingGenetics more available to American farmers, we will better support our customers and gain more insights into market dynamics and genetic trends,” says our CSO, Henrik Soussi.

“Reinforcing our foothold in the USA with a 100% American team will allow us to build closer relationships and trust with farmers nationwide. By directly communicating with our USA customers, we aim to support their businesses, create more value, solve problems swiftly, and foster opportunities for more collaboration,” adds Henrik.

Stay tuned for more news. We will soon announce further details about VikingGenetics USA, our product range, bull availability, contact information, and regional customer support.

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