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21 Sep 2023 - Assentoft, Denmark

VikingGenetics to establish a subsidiary in the United States of America

VikingGenetics has announced it will establish a daughter company in the United States to directly market its Nordic cattle genetics, products and solutions to American farmers.

Following a long distribution history in the United States and a careful strategic evaluation and planning, the board of directors for VikingGenetics has announced the green light to establish a daughter company in the US.

By setting up a daughter company in the US, VikingGenetics will directly offer innovative genetics and solutions to one of the world’s largest markets. This way, the cooperative aims to support American farmers in breeding healthy, high-producing dairy cows that help them achieve business goals and enjoy life.

VikingGenetics already has three existing daughter companies in Australia, Germany, and the UK and exports to 49 other markets, evidence of the company’s global presence and success.

Per-Johan Svensson, Chairman of the Board for VikingGenetics, highlights the importance of the American market, stating: “We are thrilled to take the momentous step of starting a new company in the United States. The US is undeniably at the global epicenter of dairy farming and genetics trends and is a key market for us to continue growing.”

“We look forward to providing more farmers across America with our science-driven genetics so they can breed healthy, trouble-free cows with the highest lifetime production,” adds Mr. Svensson.

VikingGenetics United States USA Subsidiary

Venturing into the Global Epicenter

The US holds significant influence in the global market as the epicenter of trends and innovations in dairy farming, and knowledge that resonates in the US often echoes worldwide. A direct foothold in the US will provide VikingGenetics with immediate access to this highly influential market and firsthand insights into genetic trends and dynamics.

Louise Helmer, CEO of VikingGenetics, explains the company’s motivation to expand in the US, saying: “America's rich dairy landscape boasts some of the world's most accomplished dairy farmers, researchers, and industry bodies.”

“By diving into this vast pool, we open the doors to strengthened relationships, fostering opportunities for partnerships, collaborative projects, and shared intelligence. We will also gain a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape,” she adds.

Given the large herd size in the US – 40% of cows belong to herds with 2,000+ heads – VikingGenetics also hopes to optimize its breeding and manufacturing through increased order sizes. This will result in better value for Nordic farmers.

VikingGenetics United States USA Subsidiary

Elevating the VikingGenetics Brand

By establishing VikingGenetics USA, the Scandinavian cooperative aims to boost its global brand, help farmers feed the world’s growing population, and further highlight the merits of breeding for health and performance.

The new venture will put a special focus on the robust and world-class genetics of the VikingJersey and VikingRed breeds. VikingJerseys are profitable cows that produce the highest milk fat and protein percentages, while VikingReds are naturally healthy and fertile, popularly used for crossbreeding.

The VikingHolstein – known for its resilience, medium size, efficiency and high milk and solids production – will also be marketed in the US, focusing on its uniqueness in the American landscape and its use in the ProCROSS and VikingGoldenCross concepts.

“Succeeding in the American market – the most demanding in the world – would send a powerful message to dairy farmers worldwide about the excellence of Nordic cattle breeding and genetics, the importance of breeding for health, and our mission for more future-friendly farming,” says Mrs. Helmer.

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VikingGenetics United States USA Subsidiary

A Dedicated American Team

To guarantee the success of its new US venture, VikingGenetics is bringing on board a dedicated team with excellent knowledge of America’s dairy industry and landscape.

Further details about VikingGenetics USA, its range of products, bull availability, regional customer support, and employment opportunities will be announced in due course.

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About VikingGenetics

VikingGenetics is a cattle breeding co-operative owned by more than 16,000 dairy and beef farmers in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. We focus on animal welfare, food security, and reducing climate impact in our entire production chain. We partner with universities, research organisations, and experts across the globe to give our customers the tools and technology to select the best bulls.

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VikingGenetics United States USA Subsidiary