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10 Apr 2024

Celebrating the top bulls of 2023

On Thursday, April 4th, VikingGenetics celebrated some of our top-performing bulls of 2023 with a special ceremony honouring their breeders at the bull station in Denmark.

This annual event was a memorable tribute to 11 of our 2023 sires and their breeders, with nine exhibited. We celebrated both dairy and beef bulls, recognizing their high value for the VikingGenetics breeding programmes and our specialist Beef on Dairy sires.

During the bull exhibition, breeders received a presentation from VikingGenetics’ Product Managers on the bulls’ traits and performance figures, including breeding indexes, behaviour and temperament, and semen sales

Seeing the bulls and hearing about their successes was a great reason for pride for their breeders. This was also a special occasion because the last time the breeders saw the bulls was when they were calves being shipped to Denmark, some up to 5 years ago.

The bulls celebrated are among our best-selling in 2023 and are still in high demand in markets worldwide. In the coming years, all will have a great, positive impact on the cattle populations of VikingGenetics countries – Denmark, Finland, and Sweden – and international markets, and some already have.

VikingGenetics CEO Louise Helmer and CBPO Lars Nielsen were also part of the event, welcoming the breeders to our headquarters and highlighting the hard work and passion for breeding that resulted in these world-class sires.

Continue reading below to meet the sires.

VikingGenetics top bulls sires 2023

A star-studded lineup

The bulls and breeders honoured were:

  • VR Ulvar – Sterner & Thomas Hansson, Sweden
  • VR Vehmaa – Carin Grotenfelt, Finland
  • VR Hakvin – Martin Berglund, Sweden
  •  VH Gipsy – Mie and Torben Thorsen, Denmark
  • VH SimsPRC – Hans Kristian & Hanne Hansen, Denmark
  •  VH Nalegro – Carsten & Gitte Hedegaard, Denmark
  • VH SanPPRC – Søren Ernst Madsen, Denmark
  • VJ Jabra – Flemming Schultz, Denmark
  • VJ Danka – Adelgaard Jersey, Denmark
  • VB Rikko (Danish Blue) – Karen & Niels Christian Thomsen, Denmark
  • VB Redbuck (Red Angus) – Johan & Christer Svensson, Sweden

In the picture: VJ Danka being presented to the breeders.

VikingGenetics top bulls sires 2023

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