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2 Nov 2021

NewVikings VikingHolstein November 2021

VH Gosh

gNTM +34 genomic

(Garido x Balisto x VH Op)

If your goal is to maximize the production ability of your herd as efficiently as possible, take a look at VH Gosh.

VH Gosh is a super production bull, with a Production index as high as 129. He transmits good milk volume and especially high Fat (132) and Protein (119) kilos. 

VH Gosh also transmits good Lactation persistency, so the daughters maintain their production level nicely through the entire lactation. He gives you average-sized cows that have good feet and legs and good rear udders. They have good Temperament and are easy to manage. 

VH Gosh will ensure:

  • Excellent production ability
  • Average-sized cows with good F&L
  • Cows with good temperament

The dam of VH Gosh is a long-lasting Balisto daughter, who has calved five times. Her average production is 11,937 kgs milk, with 5.07% fat and 4.13% protein. She's classified as GP83 with 86 for the udder. She is pregnant again and is expected to calve for the sixth time in April 2022. 

VH Gosh is from the herd of Per Warming, Denmark.

X-Vik sexed semen is available.

Beta casein: A2/A2 Kappa casein: AA

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VH Gosh

VH Baford

gNTM +31 genomic

(VH Barista x VH River x VH Cosmo)

Are you struggling with health problems in your herd? Do you want smaller cows? Then VH Baford is a bull for you.  

VH Baford is an excellent health transmitter. He improves all health traits and especially Hoof health (119), Daughter fertility (114) and General health (113). These sum up to a great Longevity index of 131. VH Baford transmits easy calvings, both as Sire and Maternal sire. Therefore, he is an obvious choice for your heifers.

His daughters will be smaller than average, with good feet and legs, excellent bone quality and nicely attached udders

VH Baford will give you:

  • Excellent health traits
  • Smaller cows with good F&L
  • Super longevity 

The dam of VH Baford is a VH River daughter, with a high NTM +30. Both the dam and granddam (VH Cosmo) are milking high-quality milk. The average solids for the dam are 4.61% fat and 3.70% protein and for the granddam 4.58% fat and 3.63% protein

VH Baford is from the herd I/S Ushus in Denmark.

Beta casein: A2/A2 Kappa casein: AB

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VH Baford


gNTM +30 genomic

(SolitairPR x Finder x Bombero)

High level of genetics, heterozygous polled and red factor – can you get it all in the same package? Yes, this is possible with VH Seo PRC.

VH Seo PRC combines good production with udder health. Daughters produce good-quality milk with high solids of Fat kg (120) and Protein kg (119). They also have good Hoof health (116).

VH Seo PRC transmits good Feet and legs and good Udder conformation. Both fore and rear udder attachments are excellent with good Udder depth (123). 

As indicated in his name, VH Seo PRC is heterozygous polled with the red gene. Those traits he has inherited from his sire SolitairP Red, a famous German Red Holstein bull. 

VH Seo PRC transmits:

  • Good production and hoof health
  • Very nice udders
  • Heterozygote polled

VH Seo PRC originates from the international selection of the VikingHolstein breeding programme. His dam, a German cow, was flushed twice as a heifer and VH Seo PRC is a result of one of those embryos. The dam was classified after her first calf, with a score of GP84 and 85 for the udder.  

VH Seo PRC was bred by Bernd Koch, Germany. 

X-Vik sexed semen is available.

Beta casein: A2/A2 Kappa casein: BB

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