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4 May 2021

NewVikings VikingRed May 2021

VR Hakvin

gNTM +31

VR Hakon x VR Birka x VR Faabeli


If you are looking for optimal fertility and production, VR Hakvin is a great option for you.

VR Hakvin is a nice all-round bull. He breeds high milk production in combination with well-attached udders.

If you are looking for improved fertility, longevity and easy calvings as well, VR Hakvin is well-suited for your heifers.

With VR Hakvin, your daughters will have:

  • Strong feet and legs
  • Great udder depth and front teat placement
  • High milking speed

The dam of VR Hakvin is one of the highest-ranking VR Birka daughters genomically tested in VikingGenetics.

She's in her second lactation with an average production of 881 kg fat and protein in 1.56 years. In her first lactation, the percentages in the milk was high with 4.10 in protein% and 5.23 in fat%. She's classified 86-81-86-85.

The grand dam is still milking in the herd and is in her fourth lactation.

Breeder: Martin Berglund, Sweden.

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: AA

VR Hakvin has X-Vik sexed semen available.

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gNTM +23

VR Fanof P x VR Wonder x VR Estrad


Are you looking to breed polled cows for your herd? Then VR Fin PP is a great choice something for you.

VR Fin PP is the best red homozygous polled bull on the NTM in the world. All his offspring will be polled, meaning they don't get any horns.

VR Fin PP gives you daughters with good percentages in the milk, and with a low feed consumption that reduces feed costs.

You'll also get cows with good fertility, birth and calving properties, as well as better longevity and super milking time.

Your daughters of VR Fin PP will have:

  • A body size a little below average
  • Fine, parallel rear legs
  • Well-attached udders with a strong ligament

The polled genes on the dam's side is found three generations further back. VR Fin PP is part of a strong polled cow family. The dam and granddam both still milk in the herd.

The dam is in her second lactation and has been milked for 1.53 years with a production of 934 kg fat and protein and 11,000 kg milk. She's classified 85-82-82-83 in her second lactation.

The granddam has milked for 3.73 years with close to 900 kg fat and protein.

Breeder: Ulf Petersson, Sweden.    

Beta Casein: A1/A2    Kappa Casein: AB

VR Fin PP has X-Vik sexed semen available.

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VR Huvitus

gNTM +25

VR Hakon x VR Freeze x VR Eriste


Is your main focus easy calving, optimal fertility and strong feet and legs? Then VR Huvitus is a bull that will do great in your herd.

VR Huvitus is a strong all-round bull breeding great fertility and easy calvings. A super bull for you to use on your heifers.

You'll also get an increased milk production together with positive health traits, survival traits and milking speed.   

Your VR Huvitus daughters will have:

  • Fine hock and bone quality
  • Parallel rear legs
  • Ideal fore udder attachment and udder dept

The dam is milking in her second lactation. According to the farmer, she's an invisible cow in the barn with a great temperament.

She's been milking for 1.52 year giving high percentages in the milk with 4.26 in protein% and 5.17 in fat%. She's given close to 850 kg fat and protein with only 9,000 kg milk.     

Breeder: Vesa Holmström, Finland. 

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: AB

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