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7 Nov 2023 - November Proofs 2023

The best new VikingRed sires

VR Vinci P

gNTM +33

(VR Vesty x VR Frigg x VR Hel P)

Are you looking for a bull with a desirable profile for fat and protein yield, udder health, hoof health, feet and legs and udders? VR Vinci P is the one you need!

VR Vinci P has a complete profile that will fit everywhere. He breeds cows with a high yield of solids, especially fat. They will also have excellent udder health and good udder conformation with shallow udders.

His daughters are long-living cows with good feet and legs, nice bone and hock quality, and very robust hoof health. As a bonus, because VR Vinci P is heterozygotic polled, 50% will be born without horns.

VR Vinci P gives you cows with:

  • High milk solid production, especially fat
  • Healthy udders with a nice conformation
  • Excellent feet and legs, hoof health and longevity

VR Vinci P comes from a solid line of sires in the VikingGenetics global export lineup. His sire and paternal grandsire – VR Vesty and VR Vimo – are both in full production and have a high level of NTM. His maternal grandsire, VR Frigg, was also a high-performing NTM sire.

His dam, unfortunately, died right after calving, but his granddam just had her 4th calf and produced 9,254 kg of milk, with 3.9% protein and 4.8% fat during her third lactation. She is classified 87 for udders and 84 for feet and legs.

VR Vinci P was bred through VikingGenetics’ embryo programme and has the same dam as VR Hile. He originates from Jan and Kari Lindfors’ herd in Pedersöre, Finland.

Beta casein: A2A2      Kappa casein: AB

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VR Vinci P New sires bulls VikingRed NewVikings

VR Florian

gNTM +33

(VR Forza x VR Elektro x VR Helix)

Would you like cows with perfect feet and legs and udders, along with exceptional udder health and hoof health? VR Florian is one of the best bulls for this.

VR Florian is an outstanding bull with very few mistakes in his profile. He offers excellent indices in many traits, including hoof health, feet and legs, udder, longevity, and saved feed.

His daughters will benefit from exceptionally robust hoof health, as VR Florian has the top Hoof health index of all VikingRed bulls. The cows will also have very strong feet and legs, with perfect hock and bone quality.

Udders are also one of VR Florian’s strong points, as the cows boast excellent udder health. The udders are firmly attached, with very good rear udder height and width and shallow udders.

Choose VR Florian for:

  • Exceptional hoof health
  • Healthy, firmly attached udders
  • Long-living, feed-efficient cows

VR Florian originates from VikingGenetics’ embryo program. His dam is a donor cow now milking at the LUKE research centre in Finland and will soon have her third calf. In her two lactations, she has averaged 9,394 kg of milk with 4% protein and 5.1% fat and is classified as 80 in feet and legs and 90 for udder.

Beta casein: A2A2      Kappa casein: BB

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VR Florian New sires bulls VikingRed NewVikings

VR Alvar P


(VR Arvid x VR Fanof P x VR Futari)

Do you want to enhance your herd's overall health and boost solids production levels? VR Alvar P is the bull you’re looking for.

VR Alvar P shines as one of the top sires for hoof health. He also excels in udder and general health while also significantly increasing fat and protein yields.

His daughters will have very nice and healthy udders. They benefit from strong fore udder attachment, very good rear udder height and width, and strong ligaments. 50% of them will also be born polled, thanks to VR Alvar P’s heterozygotic polled gene.

Use VR Alvar P for:

  • Overall health improvements
  • Nice and healthy udders
  • Increased fat and protein yields

VR Alvar P comes from a very strong bloodline of long-living, high-producing cows. His dam is in her second lactation, averaging 9,400 kg of milk, with 3.9% protein and 5.0% fat – a total of 841 kg of solids.

The granddam has calved four times, averaging 11,100 kg of milk, while the maternal granddam had seven calves and averaged 12,015 kg of milk.

VR Alvar P was bred by Kajsa Petersson at Fornby Gård AB, in Horndal, Sweden. 

Beta casein: A2A2      Kappa casein: AA

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VR Alvar P New sires bulls VikingRed NewVikings

VikingRed - Meet The New Top Sires

Join Product Manager Camilla Rosman at the bull barn in Denmark as she introduces the new top genomic sires from VikingRed.


💎 VR Vinci P gNTM +38

💎 VR Florian gNTM +33

💎 VR Alvar P gNTM +27

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