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8 Sep 2022

VikingRed is the top red breed in the world

The August 2022 proof round was a triumph for VikingRed. Our sires showed the genetic power of VikingRed all around the world. VikingRed is dominating the main index lists in many countries.

Pictured: VR Vimo daughter 

VR Vimo daughter VikingRed


In the UK, VikingRed had a great index round. On the available Ayrshire list, all bulls in the top five are VikingRed bulls. On the available Ayrshire and Red bulls list (£PLI), all top ten bulls are VikingRed with VR Futari on the top with £PLI 551. On the international top list for Red bulls, 21 out of the top 25 are VikingRed bulls. On the genomic list for Ayrshire bulls, nine of the top ten are VikingRed bulls, and number one is the VR Vimo son VR Vehmaa with £PLI 507. 

On the Spring calving index £SCI and Autumn calving index £ACI lists, all top ten bulls for available proven sires are VikingRed bulls. On the available genomic Ayrshire list for £SCI and £ACI, eight of the top ten bulls are VikingRed bulls.  

VR Thiago is at the top of the RZG list in Germany with RZG 153, while VR Faabeli is number two with RZG 143. All top ten bulls are VikingRed, and 23 out of the top 25 sires, are VikingRed bulls.  

In Norway, VikingRed has taken the fight up with NRF for the proven bulls. VR Uudin is doing great and shares with an NRF the first place on the proven list with TMI 41. VR Elektro is beginning to have daughters in Norway and goes directly to third place with TMI 39. VR Hashtag and VR Filur are just outside the top 10.    

Pictured: VR Uudin daughter

VR Uudin daughter VikingRed


Down Under in Australia, VR Capri crawled up the list and is now the second-best Australian proven sire with BPI$ 290 in the Balanced Performance Index. At the top list for all BPI$ VR Froerup takes second place with BPI$ 340 and VR Capri is number five. On the genomic list, VR Ulian P is number four with BPI$ 327, and he's the best foreign bull on the list.      

Pictured: VR Froerup daughter

VR Froerup daughter VikingRed

North America

In North America VikingRed keeps on dominating the red lists. In Canada, Valpas is still the best proven sire with LPI 3208, while Orraryd is number eight. If we include the Canadian-proven bulls on the Interbull listnine out of the top ten bulls are VikingRed, and an impressive 23 out of the top 25 are VikingRed bulls. VR Belos is the best sire with LPI 3337.

In the USA, eight out of the top ten are VikingRed bulls, and 19 out of the top 25 are VikingRed bulls. VR Thiago is still on the top with NM$ 1251. 

Pictured: VR Thiago daughter

VR Thiago daughter VikingRed

Nordic countries

In Denmark, Sweden and Finland, VikingRed has a significant part of the top bulls on NTM. All top 20 of the proven sires are VikingRed bulls on the Interbull list. For the top 100, it is impressive that 98 are VikingRed bulls. On the genomic part, all the top 100 bulls on NTM are VikingRed bulls.

Pictured: VR Bourne heifer 

VR Bourne heifer VikingRed

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