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9 Nov 2023 - November Proofs 2023

The Best VikingRed Sires

VR Vimo

NTM +27 proven

(VR Viljar x Rockstar x R Fastrup)

Are you looking for a top, proven bull with an excellent track record? Look no further than VR Vimo.

VR Vimo has been our top proven bull for a long time and can be found in many pedigrees of our younger bulls. He delivers superb production, excellent udder health, and top-notch fertility.

VR Vimo breeds cows with impressive stature and a strong, sturdy body. Their excellent, shallow udders guarantee optimal milk production, and their steep foot angle makes them easy to manage.

His daughters have excellent production, especially for fat content, that, combined with their healthy udders, makes them highly profitable.

VR Vimo offers:

  • Superior frame and udder
  • High yield and excellent udder health
  • Proven genetics from top bulls

VR Vimo's genetic makeup combines the best traits from bulls in Finland, Canada, and Denmark, creating a high-quality bull that passes on excellent genetics to the next generation. His dam, a legendary Rockstar cow, milked for an impressive 6.2 years, producing over 11,700 kg of milk with exceptional components. Classified VG 89, she was a strong-willed cow that stood out from the rest of her herd.

Bred by Stakkehavegård in Denmark, VR Vimo is an ideal choice if you value genetic diversity and quality. Choose VR Vimo for a profitable, healthy herd built to last.

Kappa Casein: AA      Beta Casein: A2A2     X-Vik sexed semen available

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Proofleaders The Best VikingRed Sires VR Vimo

VR Exter

gNTM +38

(VR Error x VR Vilperi x VR Firmino)

If high fat and protein yields, healthy hoofs and udders, and fertility are your priorities, VR Exter is the bull for you.

His complete profile and high NTM, supported by exceptional solids production and a robust health profile, ensure the highest possible profit.

VR Exter's daughters will be known for their health, robustness, and high fertility. They are the “invisible”, trouble-free cows you want: they produce milk, get in calf, and stay healthy.

With VR Exter, you get cows with

  • High milk solids production
  • Excellent health and fertility
  • High-potential genetic makeup

VR Exter’s dam has been flushed several times in the VikingEmbryo program. She is in the middle of her first lactation, and her last milk recording was 37 kg ECM.

His granddam calved five times and had an average production of 11,176 kg of milk with 3.9% protein and 4.5% fat. His maternal granddam calved eight times and averaged 11,275 kg of milk with 3.4% protein and 3.8% fat.

VR Exter comes from the VikingEmbryo program and was bred by Anders Egebak Jensen.

Kappa Casein: AB      Beta Casein: A2A2

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Proofleaders The Best VikingRed Sires VR Exter

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