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7 Nov 2023 - November Proofs 2023

The best new VikingJersey sires

VJ Danka

gNTM +25

(VJ Domino x Casino x VJ Hoj)

If sustainability and profitability play a part in your breeding program, you should consider VJ Danka.

VJ Danka breeds healthy, fertile, long-living cows with excellent type and very high milk solids production. He is among the breed leaders for Protein %, Frame and Udders.

Overall, he is one of the most complete Jersey bulls in the VikingJersey lineup and will sire lovely cows with exceptional udders that you will enjoy working with.

With VJ Danka, you get cows with:

  • Very high solids production, especially protein %
  • Exceptional longevity
  • Ideal body capacity and dairyness

VJ Danka combines some of the very best genes from both VikingJersey and US Jerseys. He is a younger brother to VJ Kasino, both out of Adelgaard Casino Carma EX92. Over a 305-day lactation, she averages 8,400 kg of milk with 6.1% fat and 4.3% protein.

VJ Danka originates from Adelgaard Jersey, Skjern, Denmark, and is also our genomic proofleader for November 2023.

Kappa Casein: BB       Beta Casein: A2A2        

JH1 Free        JNS Free      Triple aAa: 426  

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VJ Leander

gNTM +27

(VJ Luxplus x VJ Gutz x VJ Hitman)

Do you want genetics that will greatly increase your herd’s profitability? Then don’t miss out on VJ Leander, one of our new top VikingJersey bulls.

VJ Leander is among the breed leaders for milk volume and breeds strong, long-living cows with very high production of both milk and solids.

He will give you cows with good feed efficiency, which makes them very profitable as they excel at converting feed into milk.

VJ Leander’s daughters will be average-statured cows with good body depth and parallel legs. Their udders will be shallow, wide, and very well attached, with ideally placed teats.

With VJ Leander, you get cows with:

  • Very high production of milk and solids
  • Healthy udders with exceptional attachment and support
  • Long-living, feed efficient cows

VJ Leander’s dam, Outrup Gutz Kaja, has just started milking after several flushes. Like his sire VJ Luxplus, VJ Leander was bred by the renowned breeders at Karlsen/Jepsen Jersey herd in Outrup, Denmark.

Kappa Casein: BB       Beta Casein: A2A2        

JH1 Free        JNS Free      Triple aAa: 561

In the picture: VJ Leander's sire, VJ Luxplus

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VJ Delaney

gNTM +21

(VJ Domino x VJ Leica x VJ Haare)

If you are looking for an outcross bull to boost your herd’s health and increase protein production and percentages, you should consider VJ Delaney.

VJ Delaney breeds extremely healthy, long-living, feed-efficient cows with very functional conformation. He is a breed leader for health traits and feet and legs.

His daughters will be slightly taller than average, with exceptional feet and legs, shallow udders, and well-attached fore udders.

With VJ Delaney, you get cows with:

  • High protein production and percentages
  • Exceptional health and feet and legs
  • Very good feed efficiency, fertility, and longevity

VJ Delaney’s dam recently ended her first 305-day lactation with 6,600 kg milk, with an impressive 6.6% fat and 4.7% protein.

VJ Delaney was bred by Nr. Haugaard Jerseys, from Hjorring, Denmark, where VJ Hauga and VJ Nibiru also came from.

Kappa Casein: BB       Beta Casein: A2A2        

JH1 Free        JNS Free         Triple aAa: 246


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VJ Delaney New sires bulls VikingJersey NewVikings

VikingJersey - Meet The New Top Sires

Join Senior Breeding Manager Peter Larson at the bull barn in Denmark as he presents the new top genomic sires from VikingJersey.


💎 VJ Danka gNTM +25

💎 VJ Leander gNTM +27

💎 VJ Delaney gNTM +21

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