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7 Feb 2023 - NewVikings February 2023

The best new VikingHolstein sires


gNTM +36 

(Nippon P x Dream P RC x MegaWattRC)

If your goal is to improve health and solids production in your herd, then VH NiraPRC is the bull for you.

His daughters will have excellent fertility, udder health, and easy calvings. VH NiraPRC improves the levels of solids in the milk. His high yield index is a testament to this trait. VH NiraPRC breeds slightly smaller cows with strong feet and legs. The udders will be shallow with strong fore udder attachment.

VH NiraPRC gives you feed-efficient cows with good longevity. As a bonus, he is heterozygous polled, meaning that 50 % of his offspring will be polled when used on horned females.

Use VH NiraPRC if you are looking for:

  • Healthy, long-lasting cows
  • High levels of solids
  • Strong feet and legs

The dam of VH NiraPRC is a Nippon P daughter from Germany. She has finished her first 305-day lactation and produced 9,500 kg of milk with 4.25 % fat and 3.70 % protein. She's classified as VG85. VH NiraPRC originates from the herd of Fritz Giesmann, Germany.

Beta casein: A2A2      Kappa casein: BB

Bull profile
NewVikings VikingHolstein VH Nira PRC

VH Lexus

gNTM +31

(VH Lilling x VH McGraph x VH Grafit)

Are you looking for a bull that breeds functional cows producing high solids? In that case, VH Lexus is a good choice for your herd.

VH Lexus breeds good production with high levels of fat and protein. His daughters are robust cows with functional conformation – good feet and legs, and good udders with strong rear udders with good teat placement.

VH Lexus has positive breeding values for all health traits, and his strengths are fertility, udder health, and general health. His daughters will be easy to work with since they have a nice temperament.

VH Lexus breeds for cows with:

  • Robustness and functional conformation
  • High levels of solids
  • Good health

The dam of VH Lexus is in her third lactation, and her average production is 10,000 kg of milk with 4.22 % fat and 3.72 % protein. In her second lactation, she was classified as VG85, with VG89 on her udders.

VH Lexus is bred by Nynäs Säter AB, Sweden.

Beta casein: A2A2      Kappa casein: BB

Bull profile
NewVikings VikingHolstein VH Lexus

VH Ox PRed

gNTM +27

(Orn RF PP x VH Don Red x Come On)

Are you searching for a Red Holstein bull with high production? Then have a look at VH Ox PRed.

He breeds high-yielding cows with good persistency. Both milk volume and kilos of components are good. His daughters will have good body conformation in combination with good feet and legs and shallow udders with strong ligaments.

VH Ox PRed will give you cows with good hoof health and udder health with excellent longevity and easy-going temperament. VH Ox PRed is a heterozygous polled Red Holstein.

VH Ox PRed will give you:

  • Long-lasting cows
  • Good hoof health and udder health
  • High production 

The dam of VH Ox PRed is a female from the VikingGenetics embryo programme. She was flushed as a heifer several times, and she's the dam of three more bulls used in our breeding program. She has completed her first lactation, and her production during the first 305 days was 11,900 kg of milk with 3.61 % fat and 3.63 % protein. She is classified as VG86.

Beta casein: A1A2      Kappa casein: AB

Bull profile
NewVikings VikingHolstein VH Ox PRed

Meet the sires

Join Product Manager Hanna Driscoll for a tour at the bull barn in Denmark.

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