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5 Nov 2020

November 2020 proofleaders - the top NTM bulls

The November proof run has given us new #proofleaders for VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey. See the bull introductions below. 

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your distributor to find out more. 

VH Nader

gNTM +43 genomic

(Norland x VH Ramis x Fageno)

Are you looking to attain higher life-time production and optimize daily profit per cow? Then the VikingHolstein proof leader VH Nader is for sure a choice for you.

VH Nader has impressive breeding values for Production with index 132 with progress both in Milk kg (108) and with high solids with Fat kg index 128 and Protein kg index 126 and a strong Persistency at 109.

His ability to be value creator for you is clear when looking at his health and fertility indexes. He will give you easy calvings both maternal and as sire and good Daughter fertility (107).

Natural health from a strong Udder health (109) and Hoof health (110).

VH Nader gives you:

  • High level of milk and solids
  • Natural health and excellent daughter fertility
  • Value creation with high lifetime production

His dam, the VH Ramis daughter, calved in in July 2020 and has already 45 kg milk with 5.71% fat and 3.51% protein which is equal to 55 kg ECM.

She is now also classified VG87. The grand dam, the Fageno cow, is a chapter of her own. She was the first Danish heifer to enter the VikingEmbryos program where the VH Ramis daughter was made.

The dam is from the herd of Kim Fagerlin in Tjele and has now an average production of 13,900 kg milk with 4.72 in fat% and 3.49 in protein% and classified VG87. Her own first calf was the top selling VH Don Red.

VH Nader is bred at the herd of Vagn Kristensen in Stoholm J, Denmark.

X-Vik sexed semen is available.

Beta Casein: A2A2     Kappa Casein: BB

VH Brook

NTM +29 proven

(Balisto x Denim x Ramos)

Are you looking to improve the production potential in you herd? And are you aiming for strength in your cows that will make them live long? Then have a closer look at VH Brook.

VH Brook will give you high producing cows with exceptional high solids. He is average in Milk kg (103) and 130 in Fat % index and 122 in Protein % index.

This is for sure a skill from his dam—she has an average production at 9,800 kg milk with 5.53% fat and 3.71% protein.

At the same time, he gives naturally healthy cows with good Udder health (113). VH also furthers appealing conformation will super strength in the body capacity, fine feet and legs and strong udders with well-attached for-udders.

The information is based on more than 2,000 milking daughters out of which almost 850 are classified.

VH Brook provides:

  • A strong level of production from high solids
  • Naturally healthy, long-lasting cows
  • A reliable breeding profile based on 2,000 daughters

VH Brook is bred at the herd of Vagn Kristensen in Stoholm, Denmark.

X-Vik sexed semen is available.

Beta casein: A2/A2     Kappa casein: BB

VR Fuzzy P

gNTM +36 genomic

(VR Fanof P x VR Lazer x R Harvard)

If your breeding goal is a fertile cow with good udder health combined with a high level of solids and supreme udders, then VR Fuzzy P is the ideal bull for you.

VR Fuzzy P has very high indexes for Fat % (134) and Protein % (147) together with good Fertility (112) and good Udder health (108).

On top of that, you will get daughters that have:

  • A good survival as heifers
  • Live long
  • A low use of feed

VR Fuzzy P's daughters will be medium sized with great feet and legs together with supreme Udders (121). As a bonus, VR Fuzzy P is polled so half of his offspring will be born with horns.   

The sire VR Fanof P is still one of the best red genomic bulls in the world with NTM +29. VikingGenetics has bought six bulls sired by him and they are all polled. One of them is homozygotic polled.

The cow family behind VR Fuzzy P is polled and characterized by high percentages in the milk. The dam with 4.27% fat and 5.26% protein and granddam with 4.16% fat and 5.06% protein.

The dam has been used for embryo flushing. She has given VikingGenetics breeding programme many great bulls: VR Azer, VR Vigil P, VR Facit P and VR Fuzzy P, as well as several heifers which have flushing contracts with VikingEmbryo programme.

The breeder is Bent Skovgård, Denmark

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: BB

VR Fuzzy P has X-Vik sexed semen available.

VR Froerup

NTM +30 proven

(VR Faber x R Fanfare x R Gazelle)

Looking to build up the health level in your herd and improve fertility without compromising on production? Then VR Froerup will be the ideal choice for you.

 You get a super combination of great Production (118), good Fertility (110), Udder health (113), General health (114) and Hoof health (112).

On top of that, VR Froerup's daughters have:

  • A great persistency
  • Good growth
  • Longevity
  • Great milking speed

VR Froerup's daughters will have a big frame with good depth and chest width together with super fore udder attachment and udder depth. VR Froerup gives you daughters which are naturally healthy and trouble free.

The dam of VR Froerup is still going strong and is today in her fifth lactation. In average over 5.10 years she has given 11,871 kg milk with 3.60% protein and 4,94% fat. In her third lactation she was classified 86-81-82-84.

The granddam got sick after her third calf and was only milking just over two years. But the great granddam was in production for over six years so a good longevity runs in the family.       

The breeder is Ole Nielsen, Denmark.

Beta Casein: A1/A1    Kappa Casein: AA

VJ Giga

gNTM +28 genomic

(VJ Giant x VJ Hjort x DJ Holmer)

If sustainability is a priority in your breeding, then you definitely need to include VJ Giga in your breeding programme.

VJ Giga is the highest-ranking of the VikingJersey bulls with a clear sustainability and profitability profile.

The daughters of VJ Giga will produce high levels of milk solids with high percentages.

You can expect the VJ Giga daughter to be fertile with great udder health and longevity. On top of that, VJ Giga breeds daughters with high levels of Saved feed (feed efficiency).

Expect daughters of VJ Giga to:

  • Be a little taller than average
  • Have well-developed bodies and good capacity
  • Have shallow, well-attached udders and with good teat thickness and placement.

VJ Giga is the first son of VJ Giant and the first paternal grandson of VJ Gislev to be marketed by VikingGenetics.

The dam is “Ulvsbjerggaard Hjort Mariann” from the Ulvsbjerggaard Jersey herd in Denmark. In 3.5 years, she's had an annual production of 9,600 kg milk with 6.08% fat and 4.36% protein.

VJ Giga is an ideal bull to boost the sustainability of your herd and for pasture-based dairy farming.

VJ Giga will be an outcross to all pedigrees except those with VJ Gislev involved.

Kappa Casein: AB,    Beta Casein: A2A2,     JH1 Free

VJ Luck

NTM +27 proven

(VJ Libero x VJ Pick x DJ Jason)

If feed efficiency and the new Saved feed index from VikingGenetics caught your attention? Then have a closer look at VJ Luck.

VJ Luck is the highest ranking VikingJersey bull for both Saved feed (121) and NTM (+27). VJ Luck is newly daughter proven with 660 daughters (203 herds) in his production proof and with 288 daughters scored.

If you are focusing on healthy, feed efficient long-lasting cows, then you will be pleased with the VJ Luck daughters.

You can expect VJ Luck daughters to produce high volumes of milk solids with high percentages (120 in both fat- and protein production). Healthy and long-lasting cows. Some of the efficiency, health and longevity is closely related to the type of daughters VJ Luck is breeding.

With VJ Luck, you get cows with:

  • Shorter stature than average
  • Lower body weight
  • Strong feet and legs

An ideal type for pasturing.

VJ Luck is out of Juulsgaard Pick Donna from Juulsgaard Jerseys in Denmark. In four years, the dam has had an average annual production of 7,600 kg milk with 6.80% fat and 4.84% protein.

Four to five generations back in the pedigree, you will find Canadian Rock Ella Perimiter and American Windy Willow Montana Jace.

VJ Luck combines top genetics from three world-leading Jersey populations. An ideal choice to boost the efficiency and profitability in you herd.

Kappa Casein: BB,    Beta Casein: A2A2,     JH1 Free    Triple aAa 423

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