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2 Feb 2021

NewVikings VikingHolstein February 2021

VH Newstar

gNTM +33 genomic

Norland x Silver x Beacon


Is your breeding strategy to get high lifetime production from better solid? Do you prefer medium-sized Holstein cows with strong functionality? Then VH Newstar is a great choice for you.

VH Newstar is a bull that will give you long-living daughters (118) with a steady production primarily coming from high solids. He has an overall Production index at 124 with 108 in Milk, 129 in Fat and 115 in Protein. Additionally, he breeds strong persistency in the production during lactation of 115.

With VH Newstar, you get a high production without compromising on the natural health and good fertility. You will find the conformation appealing with medium-sized cows (102) with strong feet and legs and good udders (116) with super attachment and udder dept.

VH Newstar gives you:

  • High life-time production from high solids
  • Natural health and fertility
  • Smaller cows with super functionality

VH Newstar's dam is outstanding in performance. She has an average production at more than 16,000 kg milk with good solids and classified EX91.

She is also the dam of the highly recognized and most used VH Crown. Her dam is a VG88 Beacon daughter and her dam a VG89 D Sammy daughter.

VH Newstar is born at the herd of Morten Egedal in Aalestrup, Denmark.

X-VIK sexed semen is available.

Beta casein: A2/A2     Kappa casein: AB

VH Bouar

gNTM +29 genomic

VH Benaro x VH Bosman x VH Gizmo


Are you striving to attain healthier hoofs, easier calvings and a higher production from better solids? Then VH Bouar is the solution in your herd.

VH Bouar is a real value creator with cows that are naturally healthy, hardworking and long-living. Hoof health is strong with index 116 and he ensures easy calvings (110).

The daughters you get from VH Bouar are long-lasting (110) with a high production from good solids. He has an overall Production index at 123 with average volume and 126 in Fat% index and 121 in Protein % index with a Persistency at 107.

He breeds conformation with medium-sized cows with strong legs even a bit cycled and nicely balanced udders with longer teats.

VH Bouar will ensure:

  • Strong hoof health and easy calving cows
  • High lifetime production from high solids
  • Medium-sized cows with good functionality

His sire, VH Benaro, is a VH Brook son. His dam is a VH Bosman daughter. Both bulls are among the highest daughter-proven bulls in the Nordic system with NTM +25 and +31 respectively.

The dam has an average production of 10,500 kg milk with 4.43 and 3.70 in fat% and protein%. She is classified VG86 with 89 in udders. Her dam is a high-producing VH Gizmo (G-Force) daughter.

VH Bouar is born at the herd of Wiea Scholten in Saeby, Denmark.

X-VIK sexed semen is available.

Beta casein: A2/A2     Kappa casein: BB

VH Finish

gNTM +33 genomic

Felix x Lighter x Balisto


Is one of your major issues to get our cows bred back? Do you want to improve production and get naturally healthy cows at the same time? Then VH Finish is a great start for you.

VH Finish's daughters will create a lot of value in your herd. You get high production from large volume and average solids with an overall Production index at 119.

VH Finish breeds naturally healthy cows that are strong in General health (113), Hoof health (113) and excellent in Female fertility (115) with easy calvings (113).

You will get daughters that are easy to manage with fast Milking speed (113) and a calm Temper (114). The cows will be nicely balanced with good feet and legs. The Udders will be strong (121) with high and wide rear udders, ideal udder depts, teat size and placement.

VH Finish will give you:

  • High production
  • Natural health and excellent fertility
  • East calving cows with strong udders

The dam is a Lighter daughter with an average production of 14,900 kg milk, 4.17 in fat% and 3.63 in protein%. She is classified VG86.

Her dam is a strong Balisto daughter with almost 13,000 kg milk in average and also classified VG86 with 89 in udder.

VH Finish is born at the herd of Erik Wilkink in Outrup, Denmark.

X-VIK sexed semen is available.

Beta casein: A2/A2     Kappa casein: AB



*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more.

Claus Langdahl's visit to the bull barn

Join our VikingHolstein Breed Manager Claus Langdahl for a tour in the bull barn and meet the hot NewVikings!