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2 Nov 2021

NewVikings VikingJersey November 2021

VJ Luxplus

gNTM +30

(VJ Luxi x VJ Samson x VJ Link)

If you focus on profitability from long-living healthy cows, then have a look at VJ Luxplus. This sire is the highest-ranking of the VikingJersey bulls on the NTM scale. 

You can expect the daughters of VJ Luxplus to produce exceptionally high levels of protein and fat (120 Protein kg and 124 Fat kg). Your VJ Luxplus daughters will also be very fertile and have good udder health.

But not least, VJ Luxplus breeds medium-sized daughters with high feed efficiency (Saved feed).

In terms of conformation, VJ Luxplus daughters have good body capacity, parallel legs, and well-attached fore udders and wide rear udders. 

With VJ Luxplus, you get cows with:

  • High milk solid production
  • Good health and longevity
  • Well-attached fore udders
  • High feed efficiency and profitability

VJ Luxplus is the second son of VJ Luxi and the first maternal grandson of VJ Samson for global sale.

The dam of VJ Luxplus is “Outrup Samson Kaja” from the Karlsen/Jepsen Jersey herd in Outrup, Denmark. The dam has milked 7,070 kg milk with 5.96% fat and 4.45% protein in her first 365 days. 

VJ Luxplus is an ideal sire to boost the profitability of your herd. He is an outcross to nearly all pedigrees worldwide. 

Kappa Casein: BB, Beta Casein: A2A2, JH1 Free, JNS Free Triple aAa: 561

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VJ Luxplus

VJ Domino

gNTM +26

(VJ Dandi x VJ Role x VJ Huzar)

If you prioritize sustainability in your breeding, you need to include VJ Domino in your breeding programme. VJ Domino is one of the highest-ranking VikingJersey bulls with a clear sustainability and profitability profile. 

Daughters of VJ Domino will produce high levels of milk solids with high percentages. Furthermore, you can expect the VJ Domino daughters to be fertile with good udder health and longevity. 

VJ Domino daughters are taller than average, with excellent type and body capacity. Udders are shallow, well attached and with ideal teat size and teat placement. You will love the VJ Domino daughters, both in the milking parlour and in the show ring.

With VJ Domino, you get cows with:

  • Good sustainability 
  • High production of milk solids
  • Good type and capacity
  • Excellent udders

The dam of VJ Domino is “Kroggaard Role Rina”, owned by Martin Van Vliet, Grindsted, Denmark. The dam has just ended her first 305-day lactation with 6,230 kg milk with 6.53% fat and 4.26% protein. 

VJ Domino is a perfect bull to boost both profitability and the sustainability of your herd, and he is an outcross to all North American pedigrees. 

Kappa Casein: BB Beta Casein: A2A2 JH1 Free JNS Free Triple aAa: 564

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VJ Domino

VJ Dalmo

gNTM +25

(VJ Sort x VJ Libero x VJ Garbo)

If you focus on health and sustainability in your breeding programme, you need to take a close look at VJ Dalmo.  

VJ Dalmo is a high-ranking VikingJersey sire breeding very healthy (Udder health, General health and Hoof health), long-living and fertile daughters. Daughters of VJ Dalmo milk high levels of milk solids.

You can expect the daughters of VJ Dalmo to be a bit taller than average and very angularUdders are well-attached with strong ligament and good front teat placement. 

With VJ Dalmo, you get cows that are: 

  • Fertile 
  • Naturally healthy
  • Having good type and capacity
  • Milk high solids percentages 

The dam of VJ Dalmo is “Dalmosegaard Libero Larissa VG85”, owned by I/S Dalmosegaard, Skaarup, Denmark. The dam has just ended her second 305-day lactation with 8,640 kg milk with 5.80% fat and 4.22% protein. 

VJ Dalmo is the second son of VJ Sort (VJ Samson) in the VikingJersey breeding programme. 

VJ Dalmo will be a top health and sustainability bull to combine with all pedigrees, as he is a true outcross to all other pedigrees. 

Kappa Casein: BB,   Beta Casein: A1A2, JH1 Free, JNS Free, Triple aAa: 165    

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VJ Dalmo

Top VikingJersey bulls - November 2021

Meet the top VikingJersey bulls! Join Senior Breeding Manager Peter Larson for a tour at the bull barn in Denmark. He presents two top sires from VikingJersey.

💎 VJ Luxplus gNTM +30

💎 VJ Domino gNTM +26