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9 Oct 2023 - People with Passion

“I love working with people, getting to know them, and understanding their stories"

Adele Walker, Breeding Advisor in Northern Victoria, aims to boost cows’ health across Australia and help farmers build productive, profitable herds.

Adele Walker wasn’t born on a farm, nor was she a child who loves cows like she does today. In fact, growing up in suburban Melbourne, she didn’t interact with cows or farming until after she was married and had children. Sometimes, a change in lifestyle is all it takes.

“My late husband and I originally lived in Melbourne with our two young kids, but we decided we needed an easier, more relaxed lifestyle,” she reminisces. “We threw caution to the wind and bought a big farm near Benalla, Northeast Victoria, and we had agisted cattle by the time we got there,” she adds.

Adele Walker Breeding Advisor Australia

A calf lover through and through

Adele’s neighbour at the time was a livestock agent, and with his wife’s help, she developed an interest in rearing baby poddy calves. “I would bottle feed them, rear them about 20 at a time and then hold on to them until they're about a year old,” she recalls. “This got me started in the industry. Soon after that, a friend of mine who was also a livestock agent told me about a job with Wagyu beef exports, and I took that chance.”

While working with exports, Adele focused on working with calf rearers and calves, as she had grown a soft spot for them. Surrounded by calves again, she collaborated with vets to create a vaccination programme to reduce sickness and death figures in local calf facilities. This proved a dramatic success, significantly improving calf survival in her local area.

Helping farmers reduce calf issues and sicknesses was very fulfilling for Adele, and she always left farms feeling like she had made a difference. Among other things, her work included rainbow testing calf stool samples to monitor their overall health and if a vet visit was needed due to salmonella, rotavirus, coronavirus, E. coli, crypto, or other nasty things.

Adele Walker Breeding Advisor Australia

“100% a people person”

Adele describes herself as “100% a people person”.

“I love working with people, getting to know them, and understanding their stories,” she says. This is especially true with farmers, as she sees them increasingly go through hardships, encouraging her even more to make a difference.

“They work very hard, so building relationships with them is important and special,” she adds.

With her work at VikingGenetics, Adele hopes to boost cows’ health across Australia and help farmers build productive, profitable herds and businesses that reward their hard work and sacrifice.

“Farmers are critical for our food supply. When I take an interest in them and help improve their cattle and herd, it isn’t about making a sale; it’s about making their lives easier,” she says with a smile.

Adele also likes it when she visits farms for the first time, and they haven't heard of VikingGenetics before. “It gives me the opportunity to show them, from zero, that Nordic genetics can help them breed naturally healthy, high-producing cows that will ensure the future of their business.”

Adele Walker Breeding Advisor Australia

Part of a special team

In the six months she’s been part of the VikingGenetics Australia team, Adele has quickly felt right at home with her colleagues, and the drive and philosophy to help farmers greatly motivate her.

“It’s inspiring to be part of a team like ours. People with good integrity who are focused on building a relationship with farmers and want what is best for them and to help improve their situation,” she says, describing the VikingGenetics Australia team.

“We are a team of experts in multiple areas, and we support each other to offer the best possible service for the farmers,” she says. “We help each other out when we or our customers need advice on specific things, which is just really nice,” she adds.

“The team makes everything worthwhile. Even though I am out on my own a lot visiting farms or creating breeding plans, it’s refreshing to always look forward to seeing the team again and know that we have all got each other's backs,” she ends.

In her spare time, Adele enjoys the great outdoors with camping, fishing, and relaxing with a book.

Adele's love for calves, cheerful energy, and emphasis on helping farmers make her a cherished member of the VikingGenetics team.

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Adele Walker Breeding Advisor Australia

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